Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I've been meaning to write this but somehow never found the peace and quiet to get to it.

11th April 2012.

Do you remember that public holiday on Wednesday, in the middle of the week?

I went to Taipan, USJ to meet up with two girlfriends for tea. We decided to meet at Pappa Rich.

VJ was there first and not before long after I arrived, Pauline came. We jumped straight in to the usual, "How are youuuu?? Long time no seeeeeeeee!!" before we decided to order.

At this time, I noticed a man walked past our table and stared at us. I can't stand people who openly stare! Ugh.

He proceeded to sit at the table beside ours. He sat at the side facing both VJ and I, so he was 'beside' Pauline.

The girls and I chatted and exchanged news between ourselves. The last time we had met up was at my wedding reception in Kota Kinabalu a year ago. Fancy that!

How time bloody flies.

Now this man, I couldn't help but to notice him as I was diagonally facing Pauline. He was sitting "diagonally" as well, with his body facing us - his legs weren't tucked under the table. (Oh my gawd, you do know what I'm trying to say, right? Because this is very important.)

He was holding his newspaper very close to his face, I guess that was how he reads his newspaper.

Occasionally, he'd drop the paper and look at me. Or the girls. I don't know who but he would just look at us me.

I say me, because we are diagonally facing each other.

Then he'd return to his newspaper.

Suddenly, I froze.
And cringed.

I noticed that his dick cock penis  thing was peeking out of his shorts.


He had his legs opened up and euw, that thing poked out by the side every now and then.

I thought to myself, what the hell do I do?

And foremost, why the hell wasn't this dirty old man wearing any underwear??

I was tempted to take a picture and show the girls, in case no one would believe me, but I didn't dare to.

I leaned over to VJ and told her what I saw. She glanced over at the D.O.M. but he had already crossed his legs.

I was like, OMG WTF! I am being flashed by an old man!

He has grey hair, by the way.
On his head, silly.
No, I mean, on top of his head!

(Caught my pun? =P)

We told Pauline but it would just be too awkward for her to turn to the man and witness it for herself, based on her sitting position.

I didn't know where to look.
I was torn between throwing my glass of water at him and reporting to the management and take a photo and put it up on Facebook (lol!) but I just sat there, stunned.

Gross lah.

Seriously, a flaccid one would not poke out of one's shorts just like that. It has to be hard to do so.

So who or what was giving him a bloody hard on then??

Ughhhh my brain has been tainted for the rest of my life! I can't remove that disturbing image from my mind!

He eventually left, after 30 minutes of flashing, before looking my way again.

Well, I did think he had left, but 10 minutes later, I saw him walking past on the patio and he looked our way.

Not sure where he went, perhaps, flashed at another woman elsewhere?

Anyway, I can't believe how I chicken shit I was not snapping a picture of it. You would believe me if I showed it to you!

Because it doesn't make sense if I have the guts to snap a picture of a driver cutting my queue at a u-turn when I could have exposed the D.O.M!

p.s. Seriously, a hard one sticking out of his shorts ... for 30 minutes at least? Sick!

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  1. wah lau! 1.5 months without internet access and you get flashed by a DOM with a huge penis?! rofl