Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Friday Night

I was craving for so many things, from KFC to carbonara to anything Western.

I managed to somehow convince YB to head over to Ben's General Food Store at  Ben's Independent Grocers, Publika for their mushroom lasagna.

I absolutely lurve the pesto splat on top!

Our choice of side salad that night was tabbouleh something. This one had chickpeas, couscous, courgette ... and yoghurt? Hmmm, don't think it tickled our fancy.
 For a change, we ordered a pizza to try. We browsed through their pizza selection and couldn't really decide on what we really wanted!

We settled for one with spicy lamb meatballs, mint and yoghurt.

As the waiter placed it on the table, I was busy trying to cut a bit of the lasagna to put on my plate.

My head was bent low, nose almost into the pizza.

I almost gagged.

I thought it was my imagination, so I took a whiff of the pizza.

And almost gagged again.

It was freaking pungent!

I immediately recalled the wild smelly goats (I think they belonged to someone) we came across during our bush walking in Perth a week ago - they smelled really strong!

(At that moment, I had swore off eating mutton. Ugh!)

"Oh. My. Gawd." I shuddered.
"I think the pizza smells really bad." I told YB.

I brought the pizza to his nose and and he wrinkled in disgust.

We both looked at each other and stared hard at the pizza together.

YB took a bite of a slice and said that it wasn't too bad when you drizzle it with olive oil. 

I tried and agreed.

But decided to mash my meatball into mince and spread it evenly as I could on my slice, before taking bites.

I swear, I tried so hard not to think of live smelly hairy goats.

We both agreed that the pizza needed more mint to balance the pungent taste and smell of lamb.

You know, the floors in Publika's public toilets can be dangerous. I know it's the Ladies, but you can accidentally peek up the woman's skirt in the next cubicle from the reflection on the tiles!

I'm not even comfortable peeking up my own skirt!

We headed to Dukes & Duchess in TTDI after dinner, to meet up with some friends for drinks.

It was LeeCH's birthday, and Mae's was on Saturday.

Mae had bought a slice of cake for LeeCH but somehow it became everyone's birthday cake!

As usual, they were trying to get me drunk but somehow it didn't really work with Hoegaarden. So lucky me, free beer!

The incomplete group picture of happy people!

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