Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Birthday

Tuesday - May 2, 2012. 

Surprise delivery at work from the husband. ;D
Lurve the pink roses!!

A colleague bought me lunch - did he know it was my birthday? I don't think so ...

Potential flooding of the river at Dataran Merdeka that evening. Some of my colleagues were allowed to leave the office early once they removed their cars from the car park.

As for me, nooooooo, I had to bloody get back into the office and continue working! Phhhbbbbbt! The boss didn't allow me to leave an hour early. 

Grrr. I was mighty pissed off about that.

 Dinner at La Teh.

The usual suspects from Dutamas Runners. ;)

My birthday cake from Humble Beginnings.

I made a mess out of the cake.

Although I had a really bad day at work that day, I sucked it all in and look forward for the evening. OMG, I can't think of work because it just stresses me out. Ugh!


Oh but the cake was really rich and yummy!

(source/photo credit: YB Wong)

It was a fun evening but had to end early ... just because we're old farts who needed to get to work the next day! ;D

No matter how much effort I put in to my work, I don't think the bosses will appreciate you in months or years to come. I remind myself these days (at work) that friends and family appreciate me so much more than my bosses, so don't sweat the small stuff! 

Or what WC used to tell me, "Don't let the little people bring you down!"

After all, aren't employees replaceable?

ANYWAY, about my birthday! YB has NO idea what to get for me for my birthday so I'm still cracking my head about what he should get for me. Hmmm.

Any ideas?

Yes, a spa package would be ideal.

A pair of new running shoes, too.

Oh, and a nice long holiday, perhaps. ;D

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