Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Making Sushi At Home

A few weekends ago, we had YB's parents over for two days.

They usually bring along with them plenty of food to last us for at least 4 days. Parents are like that, you know? They share their love through food. =))

For one of the dinners, we said we'd make sushi and let everyone have a bit of fun preparing their own creation.

'Japanese' potato salad for side. 

Everyone liked it!
I think it must have been the Japanese mayo that made the difference. Mmmmm.

I used this recipe.

Shiny sushi rice which took some time to prepare. As Ken advised, the sushi vinegar is very important - don't skip that step!

You can follow this recipe.

Tamago was a bit of a failure. =P

Not sure which recipe I used but yeah, I just used Google for the recipes. I even checked out YouTube and showed YB how it was done!

Well, OK. This wasn't Japanese but we thought Taiwanese sausages would bring a hint of sweetness to our sushi.

FIL had a go, making his a fat one.

MIL had a go, and hers was neat and tidy.

I made this!

Everyone made more or less the same thing, since we had limited ingredients. But it was good fun!

I wanted to make sushi maki, with the sesame seeds and flakes on the outside of the roll but YB warned me not to be too adventurous.

Well, after 2 cups of sushi rice, we were pretty stuffed.

Next time, I'll make sure I have some shake sashimi. =)

p.s. About 2 years ago, we made fresh spring rolls with them too. I'm not sure if I'm just terrified of cooking for my PIL (for fear of my dishes being yucky) and let them make their own dinner instead.

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