Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fresh Spring Rolls FTW!

I was craving for fresh spring rolls yesterday, and so i went on a mission to gather as much of the important ingredients i could to have them for dinner.

Meehoon/bihoon - check.
Rice paper - had to drop by another supermarket for it as the one i initially went no longer had any in stock.
but RM11.89?!
I was horrified.
And desperate.
So check.

While shopping, i was thinking of possible replacements like tortilla wraps or pancakes but it just wouldn't go with the other ingredients, i thought.

And i made do with whatever was in the fridge, seeing that i didn't even have fish sauce! (it was at mine, but dinner was at YB's.)

Spring onions to replace basil.
Japanese cucumber without carrots.
Cilipadi sauce / mayo to replace fish sauce for dipping.
Omelette and luncheon meat bits were additional ones, compared to our previous vegetarian spring rolls.
and enoki mushrooms with a bit of butter, on the side.

Anyway, the winning ingredient is ALWAYS peanuts. and the luncheon meat made it extra delish this time.

YB was happy with the surprise menue for dinner and gobbled a few rolls, if i may say. i could only have 3!

Dinner ended with YB asking me,"so ... when is our flight to Siem Reap?" ;)

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