Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the boys.

am missing the boys!
have been feeling a bit lonely (in terms of buddies) and wished everyone was still in town. *fake smile*

ok, but then again, after moping about and Bin having to endure it, i realised i should have made more girl friends since the school days and then we'd remain friends til today and i probably wouldn't be so lonely.

but how can you force someone to be friends with you for so long, if we grow up and go our separate ways? if you click, you'll click. =)

i miss the boys, gahhh!!


  1. on the contrary wish i had made more guy friends than girlfriends; if platonic really exists in the first place that is lol. some girls can really drive you up the wall

  2. my guy friends aren't around anymore, so it IS rather lonely! thank goodness there are girl friends to keep me sane! =)