Wednesday, August 18, 2010


watching When In Rome on dvd now and i can't help but smile. *smiles*
i've always loved cheesy romantic comedies and the happy endings. *smiles*
courtship is always the fun part!

unfortunately, i don't think Josh Duhamel can act in romantic comedies.
such a shame.

i think i'm going to ask YB to court me all over again, hehe.


  1. Josh Duhamel is so charming in this movie isn't he? *melt*

  2. hehe, indeed! *swoon*
    the movie was rather brief, i must say.

    i'm planning to watch The Proposal on dvd ... i'm in the mood for more romantic comedy, hehe!

  3. Watched The Proposal twice already and i still enjoy it. It's so sweet it'll give u a toothache!
    P/s. Suddenly feel like watching 50 First Dates again.

  4. jo, Bin watched 50 First Dates just a few days after this post! he never heard of the movie before, that was so strange!

    but i can't believe he watched it without me!!