Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Extra Mayo, Please

our team went out for lunch at Dave's sometime in July and gosh, it was a while since i last ate Dave's.

we never fail to order their signature pizza: ham and pineapple with mayo. super duper awesome!

check out the mayo oozing out from the pizza. a colleague requested for extra mayo in it.

which you don't have to, really. it's good enough already ... and add a dash of tabasco ... awesome!!

never forget to have their pork knuckles!

but i think the pizza's my all-time favourite! *drool*

sis went to Paris in July and bought back 2 boxes of macarons, one for me and one for our parents.

don't you just adore their presentation?

the goodies inside ... i can't remember which ones i liked best, but they were gooooooood. they weren't supposed to taste as hard as biscuits, but well, they had to be kept refrigerated for a while until i felt like consuming them. =)

ok, i'm hungry already ... time for bed!

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