Friday, August 6, 2010


it's friday, it's fridaaayyyyyy ... *skippity skip*

despite being twitchy, we haven't gone all crazy to sign up for more runs for the rest of the year. BUT we are going to join the Pacesetters, so yay! that's one running-related thing we're doing this weekend. =)

we should be trudging up Bukit Tabur tomorrow and off to UPM for something on Sunday. i can't wait! i hope and hope that i'll take splendid photos on Sunday ... but that doesn't mean i'll edit and upload them quickly, anyway. lol. i have photos from October 2009 which i haven't put up. hmmm. why ah? why am i so freaking lazy?

coming across atrocious photos of me running, i'll probably have to focus more on my running techniques instead of speed or i won't improve as a whole. reading some articles on techniques have got me worried ... since 30mins ago. =P

oops here i go, slouching with my shoulders tense. *straightens up*

anyway, sorry. let's talk about non-running stuff.
  • the fasting month begins on the 10th.
  • my next holiday is in September, yippee.
  • a lawyer just slammed the phone down on me.
  • i still wished i had studied psychology.
  • i'm wondering what to eat for lunch.
  • i ate 2 small biji of durian last night, it was gooooooooooooooood as i've been wanting to have some for so long.
  • i wanted to run last night but YB had a headache so we watched The Mentalist, before i eventually dozed off.
  • (oops, non-running stuff!)
  • i need to buy a new mobile phone pronto as my backup is dying soon. (the old one went cuckoo)
  • i'm also checking out data plans of network providers but i really don't understand stupid Celcom's website. Digi's is more straightforward but i wonder if there are any hidden terms.
  • i need to lose my belly fat.
ok, i'm slouching again ... *does her best to straighten up, shoulders back*

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