Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dutamas Runners : Andrew Choa

Andrew Choa is perhaps one of the few people whom I know who worries a lot. ;D He joined Dutamas Runners about a year ago, perhaps thinking he'd get more training with us but instead, he found people who constantly talked about food all the time. ;)

Andrew's day job can be described as:
"I find it quite heard to explain to people my job title. I used to be in advertising for a few years before switching into the servicing line. “Kuli Olang” in a nutshell. Hehehe...."

1. How long have you been running and participating in events?
Running activities had been vaguely present in my workout routines the last few years; but nothing really serious. To begin with; I’m not much of a runner. However, the running bug really bita back in early 2010 for the Putrajaya Night Marathon. I still remember I signed up for the easiest one; 7.7km with friends. It was from here that I realised how slow I was! By the end of it, I felt incomplete and decided that I need to train and push more.

The rest is pretty much history. Plus, a friend challenged me that one day he will
want to see me in a Full Marathon (the thought still scares me!)

2. Were you an athlete in school during your teenage years?

Hmmmm....not really. Does being a hyper-active rascal counts? Hahahah...

My mom & uncle who are quite regular runners had tried to introduce me to running at a young age. It didn’t really catch on as I was very impatient (who isn’t when they’re teenagers?) and I dread pounding my feet on an endless loop at the park.

Though, I did use to vent out a lot during my active Taekwondo years.

3. You've signed up for your FIRST marathon this year! Are you geared up? How does your training plan look like?
OH YES! In fact there are 2! I gotta be frank; I’m scared sh*tless!

You can say I’m pretty much geared up but I do try not to think about it too much. I
remembered when I over-prepared myself too much for a major run in 2011. Got myself overly excited and was sleep deprived. At the end, I got injured close to the finish line and I felt rubbish.

In terms of training plan; I have an ambiguous one. Although I do keep track of my
training, I don’t necessarily plan a strict one. It’s pretty much of mixture of the regular road/ treadmill running but keeping it short distance. It’s all about quality than quantity, right? ;) I started trail running as well this year just to keep things interesting.

4. When you're not running, how do you destress? (Cook up a storm? ;D)
Hahaha...pretty much so. The cooking bug had me bit since at a young age. Although my cooking now is more towards a healthy cooking; like less meat and less oil. Besides that, I enjoy photography and am quite a bit of an avid window shopper.

5. We've seen you in compression gear before. Are you a firm believer (of the gear), and why?
I just really own a pair of compression calf guards and I only used them for competitive run events. During these events, I tend to push a little harder than usual and just a safety precaution to avoid injury. It really does help a little but my advice is not to rely too much on it and not to use them during regular training.

6. Is your mum your no #1 fan? Has she attended any of your running events before? 
I would say so! In fact she was very surprised that I picked up running again (albeit at a later age). But she does express a concern that I might be over doing it and turned a little fanatic; judging from the running shoes I have! Mom jokingly says “I’m worse than a woman!”

She hasn’t attended any running events I’ve been to but she always has a great time
looking through the photos.

7. What's your favourite brand for running gear?
Nothing in particular and I’m not very brand loyal. As long the gears are comfortable and fit to the purpose. I am a little picky about running shoes though. I do indeed do a very scrutinizing research and testing before any shoe purchases.

8. What is the one thing you think our Malaysian running events should have?
Proper organization. That said, I think the running events in Malaysia is getting better and better as the years go by. Sure there are mishaps here and there sometimes, but I do give organizers the benefit of the doubt. Unless of course, there is a major screw-up that is unforgivable. Cross fingers!

9. If you were stuck on a secluded island, what are the 3 things you'd miss the most?
It’s very hard to say. First and foremost, I try my best not to be stranded at all!

If I were; I would say, family & friends.

YT: Eh, the last line is a bit too cheesy la. I think the 3 things for you would probably be: kitchen, food and ... the laptop? ;P

 Anyway, we are definitely cheering you all the way on your maiden (and second) full marathons which are soon to come. Good luck in your preparations! Woohoo! At least you won't be a FMV* anymore, come this end of May. ;)

*full marathon virgin

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