Friday, April 27, 2012

Going Oink at Cafe

Tuesday, 24th April 2012 - We arranged for a quick dinner and drinks with 2 friends from the oil & gas industry (friends with big salaries ;D). YB and YL were quick to suggest S.Wine cafe at Publika, and well, since I didn't have any better ideas, I went along with it.

You see, our breakfast experience the other time (our first time at the cafe) was not over the top fantastic, especially for the price they were charging.

 I ordered the Mexicana beans with pulled pork and bread with mashed avocado and was quite disappointed with the size of it.

I anticipated loads of mashed avocado on my bread, I guess.

Ok, never mind that.

The beans were a rip off. They tasted like plain baked beans from a can, with pulled pork added to it. What's so Mexican about baked beans, I kept asking YB.


YB ordered the Big Breakfast because he had high hopes. At RM37.90, who wouldn't, right?

All I can say is that the sausage was good. And that was it.

Fast forward to Tuesday.

We heard rave reviews of their lunch and dinner items so we thought we had better go back there and give it a second chance.

Busy on a Tuesday night.

You get a rough idea of their menu. ;)

YL ordered the Pan Fried Pork Chops with Sauerkraut (RM26.90). The sauce was yummy, but I didn't taste the pork chops. It must be good because it was the second time she ordered it.

I had the Spaghetti Carbonara with prosciutto, I think (RM23.90). The raw egg took us by surprise as it was our first time seeing it in a carbonara dish. Don't mind us, we were quite the sakais. ;D

It was creamy with a hint of smoky porky bits (oh gawd, I am not a food review writer, ok, so do forgive me!) which was far different from a standard carbonara dish. The prosciutto, however, was more like roasted pork i.e. siew yuk. Hmm.

Nevertheless, I'd say it's a MUST TRY.

YB ordered the BBQ Chorizo Cheeseburger with Bacon (RM23.90). I crossed my fingers that it would be as good as the carbonara but I didn't get to taste it until he gave me my half share.

I can't describe it.

The patty was juicy and tender and a delight to the palate. I ate slowly, savouring each bite.

It could have been the barbeque sauce or the melted cheese which added flavour but I swear, you MUST TRY.

(I have never been this adamant before!)

But the fries were no biggie.

VK had the Hainanese Pork Chops (RM23.90) which I didn't get a picture off as he dived right in once the plate hit the table. He said it was not too shabby.

As the place is small and tight, it's not conducive for old friends to chill out and chat. Instead, we moved to Overtime for beer after dinner before calling it a night.

Address: Tucked in the non-halal section of Ben's Independent Grocer, lower ground of Publika.

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  1. I pass by there last Sunday for dinner and it was full. People had to wait in line just to get in.

    Actually a raw egg on pasta (or any noodle) isn't anything new. Came to know that Japanese noodle cuisine often use this method and now the western cuisines are adapting from it. Besides from the protein; it adds a certain texture to the noodles especially if it has sauce. This makes it more creamier & richer. I kinda like to use this method for my pasta dishes as well.