Monday, April 16, 2012

Dutamas Runners : Yloon Wong

He's one of the guys I know with a 'nama glamour' on Facebook - and he goes by the name of Yloon Wong.

I don't think his parents named him Yloon, right? Hehe.

His occupation? Senior Technical Operation Engineer.

1. How did you start participating in running events? Were you a runner during your school days?

I started running during my school time (1992 to 1994). I used running to improve my stamina. Especially during Taekwondo competitions, it helped me to drain my opponent's energy and to surprise those elite opponents in free sparring event.

I still remember when I was 17, I managed to complete the Larian Merdeka-10km in 50minutes. I don't know why I cannot get this timing anymore. :( Maybe old already and need more training or maybe I didnt have any bad habits.

I stopped after my school time and start running back again on my first 7km run during Mcdonald run 2009.

2. How often do you run in a week?
Normally 3 times a week, and may be none too. But most of the time, I would say 2-3 times per week and clock around 7-8km per run.

3. Besides running, do you do other sports? What happened to basketball?
Yeah, I play basketball with a group of friends weekly (provided no rain ler), and we normally do full court instead of half.

All my basketball friends asked me, whether I went for secret training? How come my scoring accuracy improved tremendously???

I think the answer will be after I have seasoned myself to run 20-25km run per week, this improvement in stamina gives me a better control during the game.

(Photo courtesy of Elaine / Victor)

4. Do you believe in power gels? ;D
So far no, maybe I don't do or never do 42km. But I will just whack if the sponsor or the organizer is giving out free during the run. :-)

5. When your children grow up, will you encourage them to take up running as a hobby?
Of course I will encourage them to run, and I hope to run with them.

6. What was your most memorable running event and why?
I think our (Dutamas Runners') handicap is the most memorable run, why ah, maybe it gives me the chance to pia as there is a chance to win out by not letting fast legs like Melvin overtake me. Haha..

7. How did you know Captain KYK of Dutamas Runners?
From Facebook group of Dutamas Runners. :-)
I joined Bukit Aman runners, but they are too fast ler... normally I can't see their shadow during the run and they hardly organize breakfast event leh... (YT: Breakfast is a very important meal after running! ;D)

So I decide to scout for another group of runners and so happen I bumped into Captain KYK who was recruiting via facebook.

8. Did you quit any vices once you started running?
The answer is NO, due to I still do bad habits like sleep late, and friends will triggered me to go drinking till 2-3am maybe once a while.

I think this the reason I cannot improve my pace to a faster pace. :-(

 4th place at the Dutamas Runners' Handicap Run

9. Your dream run would be ....
My dream run would be to run faster and faster, at least to tag along with our Captain KYK or our Mr. Tomato. :-)

(YT: We are still trying to get him to sign up for his first full marathon but he's adamantly against it. So, perhaps YOU can help us convince him to make that crazy step? ;D)


  1. Yloon u haven't run marathon yet?? where cannnnn..

  2. Bin, I'll add you in my blog.. Yloon, run a marathon at least once la.. :)