Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kluang For A Short Trip

Hola and Good Day!

I have been drowning in work of late, and it's KILLING me!
Not literally, but it just kills most of my evenings. I can no longer enjoy a good run, cook a lovely dinner for both the hubby and I, bake some muffins or just laze in front of the sofa ... without keeping an eye on the clock and make sure I'm in bed before midnight!

Then I'll have to be up and ready to leave the house by 745am. =(

Work is hectic and lately, it involves some traveling as well. Last month, my bosses and I drove down to Kluang, Johor with the intention of inspecting a factory and its premises.

I say "intention" because we were denied entry.

 Lovely sunny day for a road trip.

We brought with us a valuer so he could value the plant and machinery in the factory and my, can he talk!

He kept talking and talking throughout the trip and we had to listen and nod our heads to acknowledge his stories. Every so often he would end his sentences with, "You get what I mean? You understand what I mean?" and it drove me up the wall!

Of course I kept quiet. We were tired from listening to his chatter but at least the driver (my boss) didn't have the opportunity to doze off while driving!

 Denied entry.

We had known all along that we wouldn't be able to enter the premises but it's a shame to have wasted the valuer's trip with us.

The factory was not in operation and had ceased operations for a few months. The security guards informed us that no one is permitted entry except for the tenant occupying the place.

To be honest, it looked too quiet to be in tenancy.

After about half an hour of trying to persuade the guards to let us in, we gave up and went for lunch.

Even during lunch, the valuer chatted our ears off.

He mistook my team leader/supervisor to be younger than me and boy, that statement has made me worried about investing in anti-aging stuff. Ack!

So the other day, I stared hard at him and realised that no way can he be mistaken as the younger one.

BUT it happened again another time. Oh noesssssssssssssssss!


Perhaps it's his happy-go-lucky personality that makes him look younger. I mean, I for one, look sullen when my face doesn't break into a smile. =((


Gotta smile, gotta smile, gotta smile!
Even if I'm on my own and people may think I'm crazy. 

p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOANNE!!!!! xoxoxox

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