Sunday, April 22, 2012

That Banana Choc Chip Muffin

You know, that muffin from Starbucks?
It gets to me all the time.

Have I told you before that I reeeeeeallllly want to make giant banana choc chip muffins like the ones sold at Starbucks?

I think I have, but it look so much better here.

A weeks ago, I was thinking to myself that I haven't baked banana cake since ... well, my father-in-law's birthday in November last year.

I missed the fragrant smell of banana cake baking in the oven so I set out to bake one. (Honestly, I was torn between muffins and a cake loaf!)

But I couldn't recall which recipe I had followed during my earlier attempts. I settled on the one I found in my folder and crossed my fingers that it would turn out OK.

I ended up with something like this.

Mehh. It sure didn't look that appetising but thankfully it tasted better than it looked. ;)

I just added half a cup of chocolate chips to this walnut banana cake recipe and swapped walnuts with pecans.

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