Monday, August 15, 2011

Random Blah Blah

It's Monday again.

Does time fly by so quickly now that we're older or what?
It just feels that way, you know.

I don't remember having to decide what ONE thing I can do in the evenings after work. I distinctively recall that I could do THREE different things, like go for drinks, do a bit of work, watch some TV or do some ironing, reading, watch a dvd...

Or is it with running/exercise in the routine, there's nothing much you can do?

I know that despite wanting to do a lot of things in the evenings after work, come midnight after my run on weeknights, I'd have to crawl into bed immediately because my body would slowly shut down, my eyelids would refuse to keep open and I'll have to drag myself out of bed the next morning.

It's so frustrating!

Anyway, I'm clearing up my phone picture gallery. =D

These bars of Reese's Sweet & Salty were given to me by the BFF, whom I coincidentally dreamt of last Thursday night. She found these during her trip to Shanghai.

I haven't seen these around the shores of Malaysia. In fact, I think the chocolate selection in Malaysia is just OK. Even if they had a wide variety, I doubt that most people would be able to afford the price of imported chocolates.

My favourite aisle in supermarkets and departmental stores are always the chocolate and biscuit aisles. I can spend hours, just studying the choices and deciding which one would be best to part my money with.

Even if it was just a bar of chocolate that cost 39p in London. =P

Click to view the larger pic.

This was written on a huge grandfather's clock sitting in the top floor of my office building, still in working condition. Check out the date, 1973. It's older than I am, and still looking mighty grand.

On the rare occasion when YB and I *must* order dessert, we opted for the erm... something parfait from Sushi Zanmai. You know which one I'm talking about, right? The one with macha ice cream, whipped cream, cornflakes ...

On the way back from Bukit Jalil station after picking up the SCKLM 11 race packs. If only all our public transportation looked this pristine all the time.

The other day my bosses and colleagues took the same train down to Salak South for lunch. Not sure why I am mentioning this but I get pretty uncomfortable trying to make small talk with bosses while traveling because the conversation will usually be about work or food. But mostly work!

Starbucks' banana chocolate chip muffin. Have you tried it? It's our absolute fave. It now costs RM5.90 for this huge baby.

I was studying it and eating it so slowly, trying to remember every single taste and detail, hoping that maybe one day I can make these. While searching for the best banana chocolate chip muffin recipe online, I noted that some people commented that the traditional size of muffins are the best, "not like the oversized Starbucks' ones!"


I didn't make anything last weekend.
I was too busy. =P

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