Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dutamas Runners : Melvin Lim

I’m sure you’ve seen Melvin Lim on the road and at most of the major events. When he isn’t running, he is a vocational training consultant as well as a wonderful & cute baby products supplier by day.

1. How long have you been running?
Started my 1st Field & Track run - Form 6@1993 (400m only) but no prior run at all in my life except 1-2 Malay Mail Big Walk!

Then my room mate @ UPM, Patrick Choo Yong Chek invited me to run with him around the Uni and it was really fun because UPM is surrounded by lots of greenery (those days). It was actually addictive and I ran or played squash almost every day if there was no exam looming or I was not going back home in Segambut on weekends. I was absorbed into the college's (University residence) team relay as a reserve on my 2nd year of studies and I got a 1st runner-up medal, without a single sweat. :-) My only individual podium achievement was coming in 6th for 5km field & track.

Just right before & after graduation, I raced in 2 road races, the Larian Merdeka & PJ Half (21km) but I told myself never to run such a long distance again as it was damn painful & suffering after the run (whole body ache, bruised toes). I also had a taste of running up the 60++ Floors Empire Tower (next to Plaza Yow Chuan) & KL Towerthon, all in 1999.

Thereafter, it was a total break from running for the next 11 years till I participated in a CNY 2010 Tiger Beer Run, invited by Eugene Chan June Yew. I was actually attracted by the prizes, RM8,888 cash + air ticket or something else !!! Too bad both Eugene & the "not so feeling well but still great" Captain KYK spoilt my day, or else I may have a chance to taste the $$ (if I'm not mistaken, haha perasan kan?).

[YT: *cough cough cough* Be careful, Captain!]

Seriously speaking, if I was as fit as I'm now, I was probably 1st runner up. :-) Anyway, it has been destined not to be mine but for Captain to enjoy his trip to Berlin and he was and is still a faster runner (even when he's not so fit!). Since then, I was very motivated to pick up running again, preparing for the next cash winning chances... am I dreaming???

I can't remember how I got to know about Adination (Adidas Running Community) but the next next person that I need to thank is Ronnie See for his inspiration & motivation at KLCC park every Thursday evening. He's really passionate and hardworking about his training, and till today I still can't follow but his hard trainings has made me a better runner. Then only I joined DR group upon Captain's invitation and he's another person that I'm looking at in catching up though I know the day may never come till he retires or injured. :-)

Think got to stop here, too long already right?

[YT: Hehehe. ;)]

Photo credit to Steve Yap.

2. You recently completed your first full marathon at the SCKLM 2011. Was it a very happy moment for you? Did you celebrate with the family?
Yes, I was damn happy and it was my dream & #1 of my life's goal since 2000 after a goal setting session. Celebration with family? Not really coz my wife not very enthusiastic with my involvement in running but to me, as long as no objections, that's good enough. :-)

Hope some DR ladies can encourage her do more physical exercise...

[YT: So who's going to babysit the kiddies while she comes out and run? ;)]

3. How long did you prepare for your full marathon?
Not enough according to the season runners. :-(

I only managed two (2) 30km runs and a max of 70km/week in the 3rd last week prior to the run. Only picked up my mileage after mid May due to hectic work commitment since beginning mid April.

Diet wise, I really planned my carbo loading properly (Tues-Fri of the SCKLM week), i.e. about 6g of complex carbohydrate/day for every kg of my weight and I think it worked coz don't think I cramped during the run (initially I thought it was cramp). It was due to low mileage & perhaps ran too fast earlier part of my race that my muscles/ligament/tendon (whatever you call it) around the knee could not take it and I felt intense pain from 25km onwards. Nevertheless, after some running, walking & limping for bout 7km and with lots of massage oils on my knees, I just persevered to finish the race from 33km onwards without much stopping.

4. What is the best and worst thing about running?
Best - Knowing new friends & being exposed to new makan places by running friends. :-)

Worst - Injuries (it kept me out for a full 3 over months after my SCKLM 10' half marathon ("HM") - I actually asked for it coz my ankle injury from squash did not heal completely even after 2 months & I went ahead with running a HM without enough mileage also)

5. What is your next running objective?
Podium in a relay & individual again (have not tasted that since my Uni years) and a sub 4 in FM!

Photo credit to Yum Kim Kok.

6. Any major events coming up before the year ends?
Nothing firm yet in my calendar as there are quite a number of events that actually clash with my weekend work, either seminars or parenthood/baby expos.

Personal important event - PAR 7 (coz this could possibly be my 1st taste of podium again after such a long dry spell!)

7. Why do you keep on running?
Get to meet new friends, try new food & improve my timing!

8. If you are not running, what other sports/exercise do you do?
Personally I do not have any other hobbies except playing sports and right now running is my one and only sports. I will go back to playing squash after PAR 7 coz my close school mates complained about abandoning them after my injury last year! I can also play badminton, table-tennis, basketball, volleyball, fencing, swimming but only so so in all these sports. Guess I have better record at running after all. :-)

Thanks for sharing with us so much about your running background. I'm sure the Captain will now have to be on his toes, in case you come catching up from behind!

See you at the Pacemakers' 7th Anniversary Run on August 14th, 2011 at the Kepong Metropolitan Park!


  1. Hehe..he already beaten me during Segambut Charity Run lah. Only a slight "detour" he did near the end of the race, that I managed to overtake him. Otherwise I was so far behind him to catch up.

    Up and coming runner, so keep on training "smart" Melvin. I believe sub-4 hour in marathon is very possible

  2. interview series like Jamie

    When is my turn? hehehe :P

  3. Raymond: ask Captain interview you laaaaaaa ... i can interview you, but run with me at least a few more times so i can agak what sorta questions to ask you ma. =))