Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Indian Okra

My second Indian dish was cooked the day after I tried making Bhaingan Bharta.

I can't remember the website for the recipe I followed, but this recipe involved tomatoes, onions, okra, paprika, coriander powder ... i forgot the rest. (The printed recipe is on the fridge door at this moment.)

Yes, I've been distracted with baking cakes. =D

Don't you just love the colours?

A small bowl of roasted vegetable to feed YB while I prepared and cooked Indian Okra. A good way to eat your vege, as you can taste the sweetness. ;D

Hey hey. It looks like this one here!

And I really like this dish alhough I haven't cooked it again. Nice and spicy!

p.s. Looking back at my Cooking Experiments posts, I realise I haven't seen my bottle of basil powder lately. Crap! Where has it gone??

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