Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Day After Circuit Training

Last Thursday, I had a tough time waddling around in a tight skirt and high heels at work. My muscles were sore or tired from circuit training the night before.

Oh gawd.

It's no wonder I don't fancy floor exercises at all because I don't have the discipline. But throw me into a room full of people, I'd have to follow suit. That's probably the reason why I prefer joining aerobic classes than work out in the gym on my own.

Everybody warming up before the torture began.

There were 10 of us working out like madmen at our condo car park that night. It was a shame it had rained earlier or we would have used the tennis court instead.

We were given 30 seconds for each workout, and there were 10 workouts to complete for each round. We only did 2 reps but it was enough to see the relief on everyone's faces at the end of the session!

One of the workouts included 'burpees'. My first encounter with burpees was during my Original Boot Camp trial about a year or two ago. Bleurgh.

I still don't fancy burpees, but I have no qualms in believing that it could make me a stronger runner. =P

Anyway, it was tiring for me to walk around at work on Thursday and Friday. Oh my.

I clearly have very weak muscles. =D

Be that as it may, I am trying (not) hard (enough) to be more disciplined (think about the abs, Von!!) with floor exercises just so I'll achieve my 2011 target half marathon target before the year ends!

Gotta work it!
There is no shortcut!

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