Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dutamas Runners : Chin Ann

Chin Ann
of recently completed the Sundown Ultra Marathon 2011 (100km) in Singapore on 25th June this year.

When I first met him, I found him shy and quiet but follow him on Twitter, and you will see his chatty side!

I thought I'd ask him a few questions so that we could get to know him a little bit better.

1. How long have you been running?
I started my running in August 2008 when I brought my 1st pair of running shoe Saucony Triumph 5. It's coming to 3 years in August.

2. Why do you run?
I started to run as I know running is the easiest way to achieve a healthy lifestyle and importantly to slim down :)

3. Since you're still running regularly, I guess that means you really enjoy it, right? Or do you consider it as something you "must" do?
Yes, I'm still enjoy running. It's have become part of my life. Saturday and Sunday morning, my mind and body will auto wake up for running!

4. What is the best and worst thing about running?
Best thing was just happened recently that I completed 100km without any muscles cramps problems! I even can sprint in the last 2km from 98th km mark!

Worst thing - cramp in the marathon race. I have few times cramp in the races and i wish i can end my race immediately and go back home rest.

5. Name a happy running moment/event and why.
The happy running event was my Virgin 42KM Marathon in Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2009. As that was my first 42KM marathon, I really follow my Sifu Terrence advice. I still can remember clearly how I achieved my sub-5 timing. With Sifu advise and encouragement during race, I remember Sifu Terrence asked me to speed up at 30KM point else, I would not able to hit sub-5. Eventually at last I managed to complete my 1st ever personal best timing which was 4 hours 57 minutes, which is now still my 42KM personal best timing. haha Since then, for the rest of my marathons timing from second until 10th, my timing was over 5 hours. I wonder how I did it back then. :)

Ultra Buddies Group Photo before the start of Sundown Ultra 100KM

6. Can you tell us how you felt while running the Sundown Ultra Marathon 100km?
Run...Run...Run... and keep running... the word was running up and down in my mind. I'm lucky I have many different companions to run with during my 1st 50KM. After 50KM, I only had 3 companions to run with. It was really a fight against body not to fall asleep. We brought Coke from petrol station to keep us awake. It feel good when you have someone to pace with. It keeps my motivation going and to keep running at 3AM.

7. Would you recommend the 100km to anyone? If yes, what would your advice be?
Go run a few 42KM marathons then only consider 100KM. Part of the quality you need to sign up 100KM is "insanity" and guts too!

(YT: Yep. I don't think I'll ever sign up for it!)

I would only advise you to join 100KM when you have a big bunch of "ultra buddies" training together and supporting each other during training. We had our most wonderful lunch ( it was just plain rice and an egg) in one of our 9 hours training.

8. What is your next running objective?
To achieve sub-5 marathon target in 2012 and to run Ultra marathons. Other than that, I'm always out to improve my condition to run injury free !

9. I forgot to ask, what do you do for a living? =D
I'm working as a Finance Executive at one of the Government Linked companies.

At the recent BHP Orange Run 2011 on 17th July 2011

10. What is your next event?
My next races are The River Jungle Marathon on Sept 25 and Putrajaya Night Marathon on 15 Oct, but these are just part of my training for my major race in November which is Malaysia 1st Ultra "The Most Beautiful Thing" : Sabah Adventure Challenge 100KM Trail Ultra Marathon.

(YT: That sounds scary yet awesome... yikes!)

All the best, Chin Ann, and keep on running!


  1. Keep on running Chin Ann. Inspiration to all!

    -Yit Kiat-

  2. Good one! Looking forward to more!