Friday, August 26, 2011

Dutamas Runners : Seng Chor

Seng Chor is an IT Security Professional, where part of his job includes doing analysis on security requirements of critical systems, processes, products and services in order to maintain the most cost effective way to ensure information security. In his words, he is "the security guard".

1 How long have you been a regular Dutamas Runner?
One day some time in the beginning of the year (2011), Yin invited me to run with her and her mum. It was then that I was introduced to Dutamas Runner's Captain Khoo Yit Kiat. Since then, I join Dutamas Runner whenever I can. Not sure if I can be considered a regular in Dutamas Runner.

2 Have you been running for long? Do you enjoy running?
I used to run on a daily basis many donkey years ago. Somehow I stopped for no apparent reason some time in 1997, probably something else more interesting came along. I started running again in last year Rat Race after my long time friend (from school days) invited me to join the company training. Since then, I have been running regularly and joining races. I definitely enjoy running, still wondering why I stopped years ago. I enjoy meeting fun people like the Dutamas Runner's gang and of course not forgetting the food I get to enjoy after each of the running session.

At this year's Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

3 This year alone, you have completed two (2) full marathons. Congrats, by the way! I don’t think I am as brave as you are. How did you feel after each marathon?
I always wanted to run in a marathon as I believe that is the one thing (many others) I need to do before I die. I was quite surprise myself that I actually ran 2 full marathons within a month. I don't think I am as brave also, just that I have this crazy attitude, the Nike attitude ("Just Do It"). How did I feel after each marathon? Well, I felt that I have finally accomplished one of my dreams after so many years. I was just happy and felt liberated after I finished my first marathon. In my mind, just knew that another dream finally achieved.

4 Was that your happy running moment? =D
If you are referring to the 2 marathons, I must say it is not the happiest running moment. I feel that my happiest running moment was the Men's Health and Shape Run as I did not expect to get the medal due to the limited number. I was so happy at the finished line when I was given the medal.

5 Can you sum up the best and worst things about running?
Best things - Able to connect back to some of the old friends and of course knowing all the nice new friends. Ahh, not forgetting the food, wondering why all runners have the same thought. :-)
Worst things - Can't think of any, don't think I have any bad experience from running.

6 Do you have any ongoing running objectives?
I do, I have set a goal for myself to finish in 10 half marathons and 10 full marathons races within 3 years.

(YT: Impressive. But why 10 Full Marathons and 10 Half Marathons? And how many more to go?
Seng Chor: Ahh, just wanna to collect 10 FM and 10 HM medals within a certain time frame. I set the goal this year. So far, I have 2 FM and 2 HM in the bag already. Will be doing another 2 FM and 2 HM by end of the year.)

7 What is your favourite pre-race carbo loading food?
I like spaghetti, potatoes salad and.... I actually eat anything that is nice.

BHP Orange Run 2011

8 Your next running event would be ...
Salomon Trail Run and River Jungle Marathon. Yes, another full marathon coming up. I told you so, I have this crazy attitude.

In case you didn't know, Seng Chor is also an avid scuba diver!

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