Sunday, April 22, 2012

Up North

Two weeks ago on Tuesday, I had to make an overnight trip to Penang with the bosses. We stayed in Gurney Hotel & Residences, which was facing the sea.

We were given a free upgrade to a VIP room - how cool is that??

My immediate boss kept teasing me about having an unwanted 'roommate' and I did my best to wave away his teasing as if I wasn't scared.

The view from the window was not too bad. 

It was drizzling by the time we checked in at the hotel and couldn't walk to Gurney Drive for an early dinner.

Instead, we went around the block to the mamak for tea.

Along with tea, we ordered some naan and tandoori chicken. We shouldn't have but then, we were kinda hungry.


Never have I tasted soft and tender tandoori chicken before. Seriously. It doesn't look like it, but it was soft and juicy. We were in seventh heaven.

I've only tasted dry tandoori chicken in KL, so honestly, this chicken was a pleasant surprise.

We took a walk on the 7th floor of the hotel, admiring the facilities provided. There was a sandy volleyball court and a football court, gym area, pool and table tennis area, and kiddy water slides in the pool.

It was really nice.
Maybe I'd go back again ... who knows.

Anyway, we ended up having supper at Gurney Drive's hawker centre because the chicken and naan kept us full for a few hours.

I don't think we ordered anything memorable. 
*thinks hard* 

That night, I slept with ALL the lights switched on in my room because I'm a scared-y cat. It didn't help matters when my immediate boss played a prank call on me!

Ok, I suspected it was him but I only asked him in the car on the way back to KL the next day. He started giggling and our boss ratted out on him. Oh geez. 

Before we left Penang/Kedah, we visited a factory in Lunas, Kedah and once again, we met with resistance from the security guards. We tried negotiating our way in but they refused us entry, despite our authorisation letter.

I busied myself with this little pup who came to greet us at the gate. Awwww.

Instead, we were directed elsewhere to another lot situated a few minutes away and was told that it was the one we were looking for.

I don't know about you, but I get really fidgety during long car rides with bosses. It's like, I'm expected to be on my best behaviour, gossip about work and stay awake throughout the entire journey.

I have a horrible tendency of nodding off whenever I'm in the car, and I feel bad for the hubby sometimes but I really can't help it when my eyes can barely remain open. 

Work is such a mood-busting shit for me these days. I wish I had help to sort out my backlog! It's killing me bit by bit and I really can't wait til I move on

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