Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Take on the GObionic

I've been spending so much time with the Women's Skechers GORun Ride in September that I didn't have the time to try out the GObionic. I was desperate to find the pair to run my important events (such as the half marathon for Putrajaya Night Marathon and KL Rat Race) that the GObionic was never a candidate.

As I mentioned earlier, I was wary about trying on minimalist shoes for fear of hurting myself before my important events.

Earlier this month, I wore these shoes as casual walking shoes during my company's team building exercise at Port Dickson as well as during my weekend trip to Bangkok.

 Like all Skechers' casual shoes, this pair of GObionic was equally fantastic to walk around in.

I managed to impress my colleague/roommate at Port Dickson as well. She picked up a shoe and gasped, "Woahhhh!"

I encouraged her to try them on and she went, "Wahhhhh, it's like the Nike Free!"

Yes, they are, indeed.

In Bangkok, it was a different matter altogether.

With so much walking about to do, I was comfortable in them most of the time except until the end of the day. My soles were tired, probably from the lack of cushioning, maybe.

I wasn't even sure whether I was treating them properly - they deserve to be running, not walking around Bangkok!

So far, I have ran in them for a total of 25km (approx) and each run was only about 5km.

After each run, I seem to be getting more and more attached to them.

If I thought the GORun Ride was my new favourite, I'll have to rethink again.

Putting them on is like putting on a pair of socks. The lightweight material is ridiculously light that you don't feel them at all. Weird as it sounds, but that's what I think.

1. True to its design, the wide toe box encases my flat feet very comfortably that there is no reason for my toes or feet to feel pinched at any time during my run.

2. As I mentioned earlier, the Mstrike tabs are not as prominent as the GOimpulse pillars on the GORun Ride so there was no awkwardness of walking in the shoes before the start of my run.

3. For my virgin run in the GObionic, I wore a thicker pair of socks, thinking that I would need some cushioning. It turned out to be unnecessary as my feet were blister free post-run. 

4. I find that the responsiveness of the GObionic more quiet than the GORun Ride. I can't say that it's lacking, so for lack of a better word (hey, a pun!) I'll merely say that it's quiet.

The difference between the GORun Ride and the GObionic is the padded soles. As the former provides more cushioning and the latter a minimalist shoe, there was no bounce (or should I say *boing*) factor during foot landing.

You could say that I miss the bounce in the GORun Ride, but surprisingly, this does not impede my performance at all. In fact, the GObionic indeed fits like a second skin that I forget what shoes I am wearing as I race with wind.

5. Picking out tiny pebbles can be a bit of a chore after a run.

6. The soles seem more durable than the GORun Ride. The independent circular pillars of my GORun Ride seem to wear off just a bit more after each run. I'll show you a picture of it some other time.

7. During my recent run at Decanter's Bukit Damansara Fun Run last Saturday, I realised that running downhill was a bit of a hazard (for lack of a better word!) as there was no way I could avoid a heel strike. I could feel the impact on the heel. (remember, the GObionic has less cushioning!)

I did my best to adjust my landing to a mid-foot strike to avoid a heel strike but I can't remember whether I succeeded or not as I am, honestly still traumatised by the slopes in the route.

Jamie and his GORun Ride. Me and my GObionic.

Verdict: I am growing to enjoy the GObionic more and more. I'm surprised with how fast and comfortable my transition towards the GObionic is, as it is rather unexpected. (As in, I never imagined myself running with minimalist shoes.)

I was expecting a lot of pain and regret, but true to its description, it takes you on to a fluid ride. Really.

I can't wait to take them out this Sunday for Powerman Malaysia where I'll be running the 2nd leg (11.6km).  It's my last running event for the year!

[Many thanks to Skechers for this pair of GObionic! Absolutely loving it!]

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  1. Yes, picking off all those tiny stones can be quite a chore but I'm still loving the shoe.

    All the best at the Powerman. I'm being silly and running both the run legs in the relay! Happy Feet

  2. wow, all the best for Powerman! i think you guys are crazy (but impressive!) to run both legs in the relay! :)