Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Running Tee - Temporary Alteration

I'm not a fan of the colour orange.

When I collected the race pack / goodie bag for the Bukit Damansara Fun Run last Friday, I was a bit bummed with the choice of colour. (Then I realised that it's Decanter's colour, so nothing much can be said about it.)

It was quite big on me and so I thought I'd make some adjustments to it to make up for the colour. :D

Sewed an inch deep from the side seams.

I don't have orange thread, so beige brown was the closest match I could find.

For the sleeves, I also sewed an inch in from the seams as well.

And then folded the sleeves in twice before sewing a knot at 4 different spots, just to hold it in place.

For the bottom hem, I measured it to myself and figured out the length I wanted. Had to iron the folded section so I would have a crease to sew along.

The cute chicken stays!

But gawd, notice how obvious the sewing is!

As I look at this picture, I now think of prison overalls. O.o

Anyway, despite how obvious the sewing was, I'm glad they stayed in place.

Note the slight difference. :)

I really shouldn't embark in last minute projects before the event itself as it can be very stressful indeed.

Will I do this again?


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