Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ran Off The Blues

I finally managed to rouse myself out of bed early this morning for that long awaited run. 

Not early enough, I'm afraid, but a 30 minute run into the cool morning was so much better than none.

But it certainly made me feel a bit better.

I am behind schedule of all things planned, and I am resigned to the fact that well, we can only do what we can - as long as we've tried. I am super annoyed and angry at myself but I hope that with whatever little time I have left, it is good enough to do something.

Friday morning saw to a 12km run at Desa Park City, a rush to the clinic to check on my sand fly bites and then off to the airport to Bangkok for the weekend with a girlfriend (shopping trip!) and despite our good intentions of bringing our swimsuit and gym gear, we never did use them.

Returned late on Monday evening to a drizzling KL, exhausted. Contemplated a run but decided otherwise.

Tuesday morning was spent driving to Seremban for work and detoured for siew pau.

Come evening, it was dinner with my sisters.

It was another late night, so I still couldn't squeeze in a run.


I am still grateful that I finally managed to get that run in this morning. 5km is no biggy, but I am still glad.

When I say that October is looking to be a really shitty month for me, I really mean it. You should know by now that I try to refrain from posting up negative Facebook status (I really do try) and when I eventually do rant, it's because I really, really, really am bummed out. 

(Apologies for the rants and whines, by the way.)

1. I lost my staff ID and office access card. I have tried searching for it high and low but nope, they have miraculously disappeared. Looks like I'll have to make a police report before applying for a new one. WTF. 
2. My iPhone 4 decided to die and refused to work since last Tuesday, just before I left Port Dickson (for team building). I have no smart phone to use and with the micro SIM, I can't use my sister's iPhone 3G. WTF. 
3. I have two sand fly bites on my calf, and they were blister-like. Gross. The doctor gave me antibiotics and whatnot but no antiseptic. Serious WTF.
4. Just returning home on Monday evening, my condo resident card disappeared. I swear it was in my hand when I unlocked the house door. I've turned my room upside down but it has just effing disappeared. Mega serious WTF. Another card thingy lost.
5. I have put on weight. Holy WTF.

The loss of access cards is a fekking pain.

No amount of chocolate can cheer me up.

Ice cream, maybe.

No, I don't think so either.

Let's just pray I'll have a fab run this Saturday evening, shall we? That'll make things better.

Managed to squeeze in a 6km run in the evening with 2 slopes. Thighs are sore but I feel much better.

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