Monday, October 29, 2012

The Tiring Long Weekend

Friday morning, 26th October

730am - Did an easy run/walk along the Dream Trail with some of the Dutamas Runners.

love the fungi!

930am - Hsu Ann and I headed back on to Mountain Bike Trail and Tongkat Ali Trail.

Her Brooks Cascadia and my Brooks Pure Grit.

1130am - Lui Cha for brunch.

Saturday, 27th October

730am - 9am - MPIB run clinic. Did an easy 6.5km run and listened to a talk.

 Dr Effa, cardiologist and her advice.

Jamie's GOrun Ride and my GObionic. :D

Baked some healthy cookies which needs MORE chocolate chips.

6pm - Bukit Damansara Fun Run

Sunday, 28th October.

Ran an easy 8.5km because I was still very tired. Made an appointment to meet AA at Petronas at 730am so I had to show up. If I had his number, I would have told him I wasn't going to run.

Had coffee at 4pm the day before and I couldn't sleep well the night, despite being really exhausted. 

Late lunch with some friends.

 Dissected my mini burgers into half, both bun and patty as I felt it was a bit much. Didn't finish the fries and onion rings either.

Come evening, watched Taken 2 to end the long weekend. Dinner at a Taiwanese restaurant called ... er ... I forget.

I ate only half. ;P

Taken 2 was predictable.

Effects of a tiring weekend:
1. Lost my water bottle. May have left it at Guardian, Bukit Damansara.
2. My credit card was eaten by the ATM machine, because I thought it was my ATM card. 
3. Getting fluey! ;(


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