Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Namoo On The Park, Publika

You never know what new eatery you'll come across when you visit Publika. I seem to come across different cafes each time I pop by!

With a name like Namoo, wouldn't you be drawn to check it out?

It was Sunday and we were starving.

We thought we'd eat at Lavinier's, but we suspect the place has closed down due to lack of business.

So we ended up here. =)

Not only do they serve burgers, they also had pasta.

As usual, I took forever to decide what to order!
(I wanted nachos with cheese but wasn't sure if my companion would agree. ;D)

Love the settings!

Books to be read or for decoration?

He ordered the Green Tea Latte (RM9.90).

I ordered the Hot Chocolate (RM9.90) and it was gosh, rich. :D

Just to make up for the Milo I desired for in the wee hours of the morning!

He ordered the Bulgogi Beef burger (RM22.90) which turned out to be a surprise, as we didn't expect it to come with fries.

So when they served me the Bulgogi Beef Wrap (RM22.90), I was stunned by the size of my plate.

HUGE wraps!

Well, they made us wait for more than 30 minutes for our food.

Seeing how huge the portions were, we had to cancel the Nacho with Cheese.

The bulgogi beef was sweet. It was good to note that there were layers of lettuce leaves wrapped around the bulgogi beef as well.
And I had to skip the fries as there was just too much food.

My companion even skipped one of the burger bun halves!

What's this?

Well, we wanted to try something for dessert, but I can't remember what was it already. The waitress told us that they had run out of that dish, and instead, would we like to try The King's Bing Soo (RM16.90)?

It looked like a gigantic bowl of ice kacang with peanuts, bananas, strawberries (sour), a dollop of red bean paste (unsweetened), kiwi, and mochi, and a scoop of ice cream.

It was refreshing, but after a few spoonfuls, I surrendered.

I was too stuffed!

I'd say I'll go back again to try out their rice cake burgers - I don't think I've ever had one before!

Nope, not even MOS burger.

Our bill came up to RM90 and that is NOT cheap. Well, the drinks aren't, but I'd say the wrap is value for money, although if you check out the other blogs, the size of the wrap seems to be vary. So it depends on your luck, I guess!

I wasn't too impressed with their service that day. 
It was lunch time but we noticed that the next table was served their food first when they only arrived after us.

Hope their service improves the next time.

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  1. Where is this one located?
    Yah, Lavinier closed down. Went there 2 weeks ago and discovered it. There goes one of our hangouts.

  2. It's right across from Marmalade on the other side of the playground area. Keke I thought of you when I was eating my wrap, cos they were generous with the bulgogi beef = too much for me to finish on my own!