Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday in Perth

Monday, 7th May 2012 - Perth

The day before (Sunday) began with a 15km run along the Swan River, followed by a lovely steamboat lunch with the mates at home. Tea was spent up at King's Park with an old schoolmate.

We were left to our own devices on Monday so we decided to check out the town.

Of course, we didn't realise that there wasn't much to do in town. Shopping was out of the question because after converting into Malaysian Ringgit, no way was I willing to part with my money!

A poster outside a pub.

We walked in a take away shop (I think it's called Saigon something) and was amazed by the variety of Chinese / Asian food!


We bought some food for lunch and decided to head towards the Swan River for a nice bench to sit and enjoy our lunch.

Really, don't these people need to work?

Lucky people, enjoying nature during the day!

You don't expect to see us out on the streets in KL enjoying the day, do you?

Lunch was a chicken schnitzel sandwich and avocado + char siew spring roll. Both were sadly disappointing.

YB enjoyed his Coke Zero, which he has been missing since he returned from London for good a few years ago.

Seagulls everywhere.

A plague outside the town hall.

Clearly a coffee drinker's mantra!

 Oooh, I told myself I was going to check out this shop before I leave Perth!

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