Friday, December 7, 2012

Of Godmothers

What are godmothers supposed to do?

If I were a fairy godmother, I'd have a magic wand. I'd cast spells and protect my charge from evil.

I'd be cute and cuddly, too!

Wikipedia says that a godparent is may no longer explicitly have religious overtones, especially in the Christian sense. These days, godparents are commonly known as individuals chosen by the child's parents to take an interest in the child's upbringing and personal development.

Hey, like a real parent, I suppose?

Many years ago, when I was in high school, I asked Lynn's mum if she could be my godmother. She said yes.

I was ecstatic beyond words!
I hugged myself happily, thinking how I finally had a mother who understood me better than my own mum.


But I honestly didn't know how this 'relationship' works. What happens next?

So, as the years went by, I let it slip. I was really uncertain how it worked and it was quite hard to maintain the connection across the South China Sea. She in KL, I in KK.

But it didn't matter that I didn't call her "godmother" after that, because she's still a close family friend and we are still in touch.

She is probably the one person who has met most of my ex-boyfriends and reported home on her findings.

"This one, very dark eyebrows ah. Fierce looking." She commented on one.

"Well, you know that it will be hard to be together once you've both graduated," She said about another. I was in KL during the summer holidays and was staying with her.
"Things may change once both of you start working. Who knows."

"I can tell that this guy really likes her." She nodded.
"He's so into you, Yvonne!"

"THIS ONE IS A KEEPER!" She once prodded me.

The last one referred to my husband. :D
So here I am, now blessed with a god-daughter who has NO clue how hopeless I am or will be.

This picture says it all. :D

She was probably thinking at that time, "What's with her hair?? I refuse to be associated with this crazy woman!"

I am always speechless when I see her, with no sound advice to impart.

In fact, I'm too terrified to hold her as I'm quite nervous with carrying babies below the age of 6 months. :D
I have to get used to hearing Alicia refer to me as "Kai Ma" ("Godmother" in Cantonese) and I'll have to start practising referring to Paulette as my "kai lui" ("God-daughter").

I think I'll talk to her about boys.
When she's older lah.

Paulette, erm, if you ever want to discuss about boys, you can talk to your, erm, Kai Ma. Don't worry, Kai Ma won't report to your parents! Kai Ma enjoys talking about boys and has a lot of knowledge to share. 

*grins gleefully*

Ok, seriously.
Can anyone imagine me as a mother?????

I can.
I know I will just be like my mum and my dad.


  1. hahaha.. you will do just fine :) don't worry :)

  2. paulette, if u dowan to be a triathlete but too scared to tell your daddy, u can come talk to me too OK.. :D

  3. Wah sei, very lucky you met your Binny despite my Mum! Or maybe she got it right for once as she usually gives the worst boy advice in the world!!