Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Skechers GOtrail - The Introduction and Initial Review

As mentioned earlier in this post, I was really excited to know that Skechers had launched its GOtrail shoes. Having enjoyed the GOrun Ride and GObionic shoes, I couldn't wait to try their GOtrail shoes for a similar (good) experience.

And to have a pair in hot pink was just the cherry on top!


Hot pink shoelaces that catches the eye.

The 'm' signifies that the GOtrail is part of its minimalist range of shoes, with reduced cushioning and support as compared to the more traditional running shoes.

The stretch-fit upper provides a sock-like fit, ensuring that your feet are comfortably snug. The tongue remains securely in the centre (in place) and does not slip to side.

Sock-like fit and GOdri mesh upper.

The first thing I noticed was the hydrophobic mesh and synthetic upper material was different from most of my trail shoes. You can't tell that it's mesh!

In fact, based on Skechers' GOdri technology, the unique material is made up of microporous membrane which allows air to pass through while keeping water out. Providing an all-weather protection, it is water-resistant with a protective exterior barrier while its interior mesh wicks moisture effectively. 

And it's really soft!

The next interesting difference I noted was the lack of removable sock-liner. Despite the lack of it (or none thereof), the fit is comfortable and the insole itself, with anti-microbial lining, was not slippery at all. 

There is a supportive brace at the heel cradle to provide stability and security in the rearfoot, but you will barely notice it nor the 4mm heel drop as it remains flexible to allow your foot to move more naturally. 

The Resagrip outsole.

The first thing a trail runner checks when purchasing trail shoes is its outer sole. So it was only natural for me to flip the shoe over (after admiring its mesh upper!) to study the lugs and tread pattern.

GOimpulse sensors.

Skechers' signature GOimpulse sensors remains in place on its outer sole, but this time, with a tread pattern to weather the all-terrain trails. Unlike the usual pillars you find on the GOrun, the lugs on the GOtrail are sturdy for increased traction control (reminding me of boots!) and made from ultra-durable compound yet is lightweight and flexible.

I was very fascinated with the lugs, unlike the ones on my other pairs of trail shoes.

Its sole also has what you call a Rock Diffusion Plate which disperses pressure through your soles to defend against uneven rugged trail terrains. You don't feel this 'plate' but rest assured that your foot landing is stable.


I first wore them for a short hike and trail run at Bintang Hill a few weeks ago. The hill itself reminded me of Gasing Hill where you'd spend more time clambering uphill and can only run properly on flat ground. There were also some rocky paths which proved difficult to manouvre around and over.

It is going down these rocky paths that proved to be the test of the GOtrail. As the upper mesh of the GOtrail is very soft and pliable to the shape of your feet, I had to take my time to lumber down. I'm not sure whether this was because the upper was not firm enough to steady my grip on the side of the rocks.

(To be fair, I think the shoes were a tad too big for me - one size too big.)

Last weekend in FRIM was the second test on the shoes with both Nick and Jamie.

Jamie's calf is rather distracting in this photo.
The trails in FRIM are not as technical as say, Bukit Kiara and Gunung Nuang but nevertheless a good place for everyone to get into trail running due to the variety of terrains.

While the shoes require further testing to be done, my thoughts of the GOtrail are tentatively as follows:
The Good:
1. The upper mesh was really good in wicking off moisture, mud and leeches. Leeches! This is a plus point already.
2. The lugs provide excellent traction on the ground and gravel. As they are also soft and responsive, you do not feel them while running on the road.
3. Lightweight.
4. You can spot me from far as my hot pink is really bright.

The Not So Good:
1. The heel collar is a little bit lower than what I'm usually used to. Perhaps it needs to be at most 1cm higher.
2. The synthetic material on the upper may not be breathable enough once the air is hot and humid.
3. The colour runs. My white socks had a tinge of pink when I took my shoes off.

Would I wear them again? 

Love the boot-like lugs. And leech protective shield!



  1. The wife's GOtrail also has the same color running issues though mine and I think Jamie's doesn't seem to be affected by it. Maybe's it's just isolated to the pink versions.

    1. Yeah, i suspect it could just be the pink!! Too hot to handle!

      Hope you guys check out the Puchong trail soon. :)