Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skechers GOrun 2 - First Take

The GOrun is Skechers' flagship performance shoe which was worn by top American runner, Meb Keflegizhi during the 2012 London Olympics Men's Marathon.

Being marketed as the alternative minimalist shoe, the GOrun gained attention and popularity with its striking colours and lightweight material.

And here comes the Women's Skechers GORun 2, the next generation of serious minimal running shoes.

Christmas came early!

Skechers does not depart from its signature lollipop and candy colours which we all know and identify with.

I was ecstatic to find myself with a bright pink / green pair of GORun 2.
Freaking awesome!

The first thing I noticed (besides its screaming neon-coloured shoelaces) is that the upper is constructed with smooth, breathable mesh. It was so smooth that I couldn't help but to stroke it so lovingly as if it were a cat.

(I am strange!)

The front upper is made up of breathable 4-way stretch mesh toe panels. Its toe box is also roomy, providing a bit of extra space to avoid friction as your toes spread and grip for toe-off.

M for Minimalist.

Slipping my feet into them were oh-so-easy...

The smooth fabric lining caressed my bare feet like a lover's sigh.
I don't know why I said that, but trust me on this.

The custom fit insole is removable for an even more minimal feel.

Even without the insole, its soft smooth fabric shoe lining makes it very comfortable for barefoot wear.

Similarly like the GOrun, the GOrun 2 also has a 4mm heel drop, bringing you closer to a barefoot running experience. I walked around in them for a while and noticed that my feet felt more grounded (closer to the ground) as the pillars were not prominent.

The slight arch you would feel is negligible.

The other main difference between the 1st and 2nd generation GOruns is that the size of the independent circular GOimpulse sensors have shrunk for the convenience of its wearers. Runners no longer need to stop and pluck out loose stones from between the sensors during their runs.

The GOimpulse pillars are also no longer as big as our old 50sen coins.

The Resalyte™midsole remains soft yet firm enough to absorb the impact of your landing.

 Radically weighing in at 5.2 oz per shoe based on Women's US size 7.
The GOrun 2 will soon be available at your nearest Skecher's store. You won't have to wait long! :)

I will be reporting back to you soon on how they fly after a few rides.
Stay tuned!
[Read the initial review here.]

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