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Skechers GOrun 2 - Initial Review

My first take on the shoes can be found here.
Many thanks to Skechers Malaysia for giving me a pair of GOrun 2 for testing!

If you've been waiting to find out how the Women's Skechers GOrun 2 flow glide fly ride, I'm sorry it took me this long to keep you posted!

Photo credit: hubby's

The outlook: The vibrant pink and lime colours creates a very hot combination and makes the shoes without a doubt, eye-catching and drool-worthy.

Caught cam-whoring with my shoes. :)

Even in the shade, the shoes refuse to be inconspicuous - they have to stand out and boast!

Happy colours!

What is it about the GOrun 2 that makes it the ONE pair of shoes you should have?

The whys:
1. The soft upper mesh for one, is so pliable and soft that you'd think you were slipping your feet into a pair of soft leather ballerina shoes. No stress in putting them on when you're in a rush to head out for a run.

2. The M-strike is unnoticeable or less noticeable unlike its predecessor, the GOrun, and the GOrun Ride (GRR). Although less responsive than the GRR due to the reduced cushioning, there is still that little *boing boing* factor (as I mentioned in my GRR post) which gives you that tiny bounce upon landing.

3. They are so light. I thought I wouldn't find another pair of Skechers I'd adore as much as my GObionic but looks like I was wrong. The GR2 is currently topping my chart!

Post-holiday: Still looking good.

4. They're tougher than they look. As I mentioned earlier, I was extremely worried about letting them take a beating on the trails. There was the sandy ground, grass, pebbles and gravel to deal with and I was grimacing apologetically each time I thundered downhill. I was like, "Oh gawd, I'm sorry! So sorry! Stay strong!"

Nevertheless, the Resalyte™ proved to be living up to its name.

Running at The Tan Track, Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne on New Year's Eve.

Running on the Tan track was no trouble at all. It felt just like running on dusty tarmac. I could still the firmness of the ground when I land.

The GR2 flew so well that I managed to record a 8km personal best that day. Fab!

So if clothes make a man, don't tell me that shoes make the runner? :D
I'm just kidding! But I am inclined to believe that the shoes do assist in making you run more efficiently, if they so happened to be the right shoes for you.

Just recently over the weekend at the MPIB Run, I raced in the GR2 again. I must admit that I really enjoy my short runs in them as they make sprinting so effortless.

Just about to u-turn towards the finish line at MPIB Run 2013.

I confess that the total mileage for this pair of shoes has yet to exceed 100km so I can't say for sure how they would feel like in the long run. The longest I have ran in them is 16km, which so happened to be my trail run in Melbourne!

Most people seem to be concerned about the narrow fit which I have yet to experience it. But rest assured that I will keep you posted on any further developments as I start my long distance training runs this weekend. I am crossing my toes that the GR2 will be my shoes to tackle 42.195km in April this year.

If you're interested to get yourself a pair, check out them out at your nearest Skechers' outlet!

The ladies' GOrun 2 is now (at this moment) available at Pavilion, 1Utama, KLCC and Sunway Pyramid outlets at RM369.

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