Saturday, January 5, 2013

That Pink Running Dress

It was gifted to me by Lynn many, many moons ago and I didn't know when would it be most appropriate to don it.

About 2 months ago, I finally took the courage to put it on. (Such drama!)

Photo credit: Moving On AC

Where else to officiate it but the MPIB running clinic on a Saturday morning? :)

The response was adorable, with the men asking/saying:
"Wow, did you just return from a night out clubbing?"
"What is THAT you're wearing?"
"Are you sure you can run in that??"
"Oh, must definitely take a picture of this!"

And of course, the most popular question asked by everyone:
"Where did you get it from?"

Nuu-Muu is based in the USA, with its simple philosophies of believing in strong girls and women, in real bodies and real friends, in trying really, really hard and in having fun along the way.

Their dresses are versatile for most sports activities, be it cycling, yoga, running, swimming etc or you can go casual, pairing it with leggings or jeans for shopping trips, party or just to chill.

The side slits provide easy movement for the legs.

Putting on the nuu muu dress is a breeze. It slides down easily as I pull it over my sports bra and shorts. Adjust it and you're good to go!

It's made from 83% polyester and 17% spandex and also made in the USA. :)

Ooh check out my calves. :P

If you think about it, it's like a super long running vest which ends mid-thigh. The nuu muu sure makes you feel sexy and feminine, despite sweat pouring down your face after a crazy run!

Recently during a trip to Melbourne, I donned it for the second time for a 8km run around The Tan Track. [Race report here.]

Some pairs of eyes followed my dress as I walked around, as I was warming up before the run. Conspicuous, indeed! It's very hard to blend in with the crowd when you're in a pink dress. :)

During the run, I found myself having to occasionally pull the hem of the dress down as it would ride up. I think my pair of Nike shorts I wore underneath it may have been too loose, hence allowing the nuu muu to slide up at times. Not sure, but I may have also gained some weight. :S

The first time I wore this during the MPIB clinic, I had worn a tight pair of shorts underneath and the dress didn't ride up as much as this time. I think I was 2kg lighter then!

After the VRR Champagne & Croissant New Year Eve Run

The nuu muu comes in 6 different sizes for women and 4 sizes for girls. I was given a size S (bust: 32-34, waist: 26-28, hip: 36-38) and although it looked a bit tight around the armpits, I think I preferred this size, ensuring I have a waist. Too loose, I wasn't pleasing to the eye. :S

Each nuu muu is priced at US$70 each, and a ruu muu (a nuu muu with a back pocket!) priced at US$80. Based on how it flatters the figure and the quality of the material, I would say that it's an investment worthwhile.

Blue this time, and with a pocket at the back!

Since I loved the dress so much, I recently purchased 2 more and this time I chose the ruu muu, the dresses with pockets at the back.

Delivery took about 2 weeks to arrive and I was SO relieved that Pos Malaysia didn't nick my dresses, or I would have been VERY annoyed.

These dresses cost a bomb, sniff.
(But worth it.)

A place to keep my things! :)

The nuu muu does not have a pocket and I found myself pulling up my dress, just to keep my car keys into my shorts' pocket. Casual bystanders may have been disgusted with me, tsk tsk, what an unlady-like thing to do!

But let's see how the ruu muu feels. I'll be wearing it tomorrow at the MPIB run!

In conjunction of their 5th anniversary, nuu muu is having a ONE DAY SALE only, from 12:01am Pacific Time to 11:59pm Pacific Time (about 16 hours behind us)! Or has it already started, I'm not sure!

Check them out!

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