Friday, January 25, 2013

Let The Weekend Begin

Monday is a public holidays for us over here in KL, in case you didn't know. :)

OMG it's the weekend already!

It's Week 4 of 2013 and my, how time flies. It's Chinese New Year soon and I am SO not ready for the exhausting week then!


With about 2 weeks to the Chinese New Year, I'm still lumbering about in a partially comatose state, day in and out of home and work, with minimal spring cleaning achieved so far.

Instead, I waste my time constantly worrying about cookies to bake and mileage to clock. 

(WHY did I sign up for the MWM? I'm knocking myself on the head!)
(But this, is another matter.)
(You don't want to hear me moan about it, mmkay!)
(Long runs every weekend starts now!)

To sum up the crazy week so far, I've been trying to learn to love the treadmill. With the wet evenings, there's nowhere else to go except to the gym for a workout.

Keeping it easy peasy!

I guess it's good enough for a tempo run, ensuring that I stay within my pace, without going to slow or too fast. But my knees hurt on Wednesday, after thumping on the treadmill for 54mins (8KM). 

I was trying to hit 57mins, as per the training plan, but it was too hard!

My treadmill stops every 30mins so you'd have to restart.

Cafe Latte @ Departure Lounge.

Thursday morning started off with a slow run along the reverse double hill route, meeting familiar and non-familiar runners along the way. It's amusing how the public holidays and weekends will find you surrounded by like-minded people on the road. :)

After breakfast and coffee, it was time to get started on my baking.

Nestum cookies in the oven.
Don't they look like mochi?? :D

After 9 hours on my feet, what did I achieve?
Roasted the peanuts for my peanut cookies, 2 batches of Nestum cookies, 7 batches of butter sugar cookies and my dinner of Vegemite pasta.

I am not sure whether I'm right on track with my baking. I've got another batch of Nestum cookies to make, as well as get started on the batches peanut cookies and some puffed rice crackers.

I'm tired already!

But it's pretty awesome to smell the aroma of cookies in the baking process wafting through the air.

Smells so much better than neighbour's breakfast bacon and eggs. :D

Oh yeah. 
Spring cleaning.
Why do I have so many things??

I feel like throwing everything out!

Have a great weekend, peeps.
I hope I'll have enough cookies to give around. 

 Call it a bribe thank you offering for reading my blog.


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