Saturday, January 12, 2013

OMG It's The Weekend Already!


How did your 2nd week of the year go?

All I remember was that it was a lovely Wednesday because of nothing in particular, really. 

There was an unexpected surprise which literally knocked my wobbly bum off my perch, and then there was just the usual banter, giggles and laughs with a couple of friends over Whatsapp and well ... that was mainly it.

It's pretty easy to cheer me up, I think. 
(Yes, buying me free meals giving me some chocolate works, too. :))

A lovely day must end beautifully with your teeth sinking into freshly baked
chocolate chip cookies and grinning happily with a milk moustache.

I baked some chocolate chip cookies on Wednesday night but only managed a batch of 12 before I called it a night. I found the recipe from my recipe file which is just a file full of recipes which caught my eye a while ago, as well as recipes I have tried.

And I'm referring to a physical file, mind you. It's a Forever Friends' one, too. I think I bought it for £3.49 years ago.

I'm sure the BFF approves of my folder. :)

It's just that, it's too small to fit in more recipes I keep finding (and wanting to try) along the way.

So I must stop hoarding recipes.

Yes, I must.
I should try out all the ones in the file before I find new ones.

I bought new books again last Thursday. I know I shouldn't have, but they were such a bargain.

Anyway, WC and I have been curious about Sue Grafton's books for a while, because the titles are running alphabets. Right now she's at V for Vengeance.

Hope I'll like her book.

Oh, back to the cookies. Sorry!

It's a Martha Stewart recipe which I think you would find pretty easy to follow.
For less sweet cookies, I used only half of its required white sugar, 2/3 of its brown sugar and dark chocolate. But your cookies may not spread much.

I was hoping for flat and chewy cookies, like the ones sold at our Subway. I love those!

I used to love Millie's Cookies too until I visited London again 3 years ago and tried them again. Then I decided that they were too diabetic-ally sweet so I've gone off them.

So I left the cookie dough in the fridge that Wednesday night and took them out again yesterday evening to finish them off. (No one told me that thawing cookie dough could take ages!)

I have to say that they taste much much better freshly baked.

And I got bored and decided to add some sprinkles to the remaining cookie dough.

A lazy Saturday morning.
No, I didn't finish all the cookies!

I was supposed to run this morning but I just couldn't pry my sticky eyes open. If the body wants to sleep, it shall sleep.

But eating several cookies for breakfast doesn't help. (I only had 2! Or was it 3?)

And recalling my mileage for the week so far doesn't help much, either.


I'm off to the gym.

p.p.s Today is an ex-boyfriend's birthday. Pah! Why do I still remember rubbish like that.

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