Monday, January 7, 2013

MPIB Run 2013

With flu-like symptoms and feeling a tad bit feverish the night before, I wasn't sure whether I was going to run this morning. And to wake up at 330am after a 5 hour sleep wasn't reassuring either.

Thankfully when the alarm rudely jolted me to consciousness, I was no longer feeling feverish but sleepy.

Knowing well that after a long holiday in Melbourne over Christmas and New Year, chances of being in good shape for a race was a bit doubtful, so I deliberately signed up for the 5KM category, to the disbelief of many friends.

"5km only?? Do 12km lah!"

I think I made the right call, seeing that the route was a very hilly one. =D

Michelle, Adam, me and Joline with a gangsta stare.
[Photo credit: Andrew]

We were flagged off at 730am and immediately I found myself huffing and puffing uphill, trying to keep pace with the lead girls. Geez, no way Jose could I keep up with them. They were running so effortlessly while I, on the other hand, was a gasping whale out of water.

It was a relief to turn left into Persiaran Sultan Salahhuddin (towards Tugu Negara) as it was downhill and I did my best to keep the girls within sight but I think I lost them before I even reached Tugu Negara.

I was already panting like crazy (and no, it doesn't sound sexy) by the time I reached Jalan Parlimen and I did my best to speed up to retain sight of at least the girl ahead of me.

Turning in at Bank Negara, I stole a breather of 5secs before tackling the final incline. The 8km runners joined us at this bend, and I spotted Sue Ling just ahead.

Throat was dry and I had to stop for a sip of water. Threw the rest away. (I think paper cups should only be half filled to avoid wastage - that's my 2 sen's worth!)

Argh, playing catch up was hard and once again, I experienced the usual psychological tug-of-war in my head:

Me #1: Slow down lah, don't need to push so hard. After all, I'm sure you're already top 10!
Me #2: Why quit now? RUN FASTER LAH!
Me #1: What's the point, honestly? No biggie in the prizes, innit?
Me #2: I hate you for being a quitter. It's only 1km to go!

With 1km to go, you know the obvious answer, right? 
Just keep going, man woman!

Kicked up the gear and tried to close the gap as much as possible but even as we reached the finish line, I knew I wasn't going to overtake her in time. I think she was still about 50m ahead, but that's my guess.

Wheezed past the finish line and was given the tag for 4th position. Yay!

4.5km in 23:19 mins. 
Not great, but OK, I guess...

First stop, the water station. Next stop, MILO truck! Next stop, baggage collection.

Bumped into familiar faces and it was like a new year gathering (literally!) as everyone hasn't seen everyone else for ages. We started chatting and congratulating each other on a great race, a job well done, when's your next run, how was your new year celebrations, etc.

A guy approached me and congratulated me on my placing. He said that he was pacing me during the entire run and said I was just the right pace for him.

Ooh, I've never been paced before, so it was a first for me. (Hi, Wilson! All the best for your Brooks' run in March!)

Picture taken by Andrew.

Met up with Adeline and Nick for a brief catch up about our lovely Skechers' shoes. Padang Merbok was muddy today and mine are in need of a bubble bath!

It was long wait for the prize giving ceremony to start at 930am and I was quite worried that I would embarrass myself on stage, as I wasn't very experienced with the 'What To Do On The Podium' part of running.

The only thing which warmed my heart was seeing faces of the people I know, right in front of the stage, giving their sincere support. Now that, just made me smile and made my day a far more memorable one. (Call me soppy!)

I must be the oldest 'girl' there. heh.
Check out the bling bling Skechers' shoes!
[Photo taken by CJ]
With CJ, whom I now regularly play badminton with. :)
[Photo credit to CJ.]
About the run:

1. Enough drinks from the H20, water and MILO stations. There was also a Mamee instant noodles' stall as well.
2. Great stuff from the goodie bag and finisher's goodie bag. Generous sponsors!
3. Free balloons!
4. Great volunteers. Thank you!
5. Generous prizes for Top 10 winners!

1. The race was flagged off without a honk or toot or whatever you call it, so people from afar (supporters included) were not able to tell whether the race for each category had started on time. No oomph of a start off. :(
2. The car park was quite a squeeze to fit the crowd. I was standing at one end of the car park, across from the public toilets and I was not able to hear the loudspeaker announcements. It was quite worrying so I had to move closer to the main area to avoid missing anything.

MANY THANKS to all the people who put in their time and trouble to make this event happen!

I ate ice cream out of my new bowl today ... kidding! :)

Much gratitude to such generosity for my humble 4th placing. Will I sound like a sad case if I said my winner's tag is still my favourite item? Oh, and the isotonic drinks come second! 

(And the 4D magnum number is third ... are the results out yet? I hope I win the lottery!)

I lugged the entire carton of drinks from Padang Merbok to Dataran Merdeka on my own, the entire 500m and my arms are now sore! I feel like I did 100 push ups all in one go ... which I can't do that's for sure.

The race route.

P.S. I forgot to mention that I bumped into Madam Lum! I think I accosted her again, seeing that she probably has no recollection who I am! I told her all about her being my running inspiration and congratulated her on such a brilliant time. It was great to see her again!!

Well, apparently there's some changes in the official results. I've been moved up to 2nd Runner's Up! Not sure what happened (but thank you, anyway!) but hey, that girl was still ahead of me.

Photo credit: MPIB Run
My Grammy Award pose. :)
[Photo credit: not mine!]


  1. Congrats!

    Love reading your blog (never commented before) and totally digging your dress!

    1. Thanks, Lina! And congrats on your first run for the year! I don't think I was lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of you and your ears. :)

      perhaps I'll be lucky enough at the next run!