Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mashed Pumpkin

My oven pleaded a headache this evening and so there's no baking to be done tonight.

Thank goodness.

I am on the verge of throwing in the towel. The cookies from the 2 recipes we tried over the weekend were not what we expected so it was an utter waste of time and resources.

I'm so glad that I can't go wrong with peanut cookies but I only managed 1 batch last night. I thought of baking the 2nd batch tonight but argh, I decided to cook instead.

Did I tell you that I love pumpkin?
I think I fell in love with pumpkin when I first had the Thai Pumpkin Curry at Red Ginger Restaurant, Medan Damansara many years ago. (Found a review on its branch at Mid Valley years ago.)

Mashed pumpkin on tortilla triangles.

I will tell you right now that you do not need to follow my way of preparing this meal. Serious!

I was just going along with the flow, not really thinking about what I was doing.

Half a pumpkin, deseeded and cut into cubes.
Salt to taste
Chilli flakes, to taste
Parmesan cheese
Flaxseed, optional
Pine nuts, optional
Dijon mustard
Tortilla wraps
Parsley flakes, optional

1. Steam pumpkin until soft. Drain the excess water from the pumpkin.
2. Mash pumpkin with fork.
3. Add a pinch of salt, or two.
3. Add a sprinkle of chilli flakes and parmesan cheese, or more, it's really up to you.
4. Chuck in a sprinkle of flax seeds for the occasional crunch.
5. Same goes to the pine nuts.
6. Toast the tortilla wrap on frying pan. Flip over after a few minutes. Cut into 6 triangles.
7. Spread Dijon mustard very thinly onto the tortilla triangle before putting a dollop of mashed pumpkin on top.

Skip the parsley flakes!

1. I found that the parsley flakes and pine nuts do not complement the mash. It would be better for the pine nuts to be added to the mash itself.
2. The hint of tangy mustard taste was splendid!

I was just making use of whatever I had at home. :)

Other updates:
I am just SO exhausted. I'm trying to adhere to a marathon training plan I found online and boy, I sure hope it works as it's tough to stick to it. ZZZzzzzz