Friday, February 1, 2013

January Is Over!

How time flies.

Did yesterday's post make sense? I was half asleep with my eyes barely open as I hurried through the words. I could have gone off to bed and ignored my poor blog but I thought ah, might as well show you my lovely dinner.

In fact, I was so full that I woke up in the wee hours with my hands still on my tummy!

I must have left them there as I pondered about my guilt.

You know, going to bed like a stuffed turkey.

Tonight's dinner was good, too but I apologise for not having any pictures to share with you.

It was grilled salmon (bones) with a side of steamed carrots and half a fried egg.


Bones, because I'm too tight-fisted, carrots were from yesterday and half a fried egg because I saved the rest of the egg for egg wash for my peanut cookies.

With lemon squeezed onto the salmon, it was bliss.

And then I ate some ice cream because I was feeling crap.
I'm not sure about what, because I can't remember anymore.

Work has been ridiculously hectic the past week and I'm so glad it's over. Today was madness as my phone rang incessantly that I wanted to chuck the phone against the wall pull out the cable.

It's good that my friends don't call me at my office number or they'd hear a grumpy old woman answering the call.

My mobile phone rang twice from two different salespersons. The first one hung up on me when I told her not to call me again, in reply to her query whether I would like to hear from them again in the future. WTF.

The second salesperson was calling from a bank, asking whether I required an interest-free transfer of credit card balance (outstanding debt?) to their bank's credit card. I informed him that I had no such problems with paying my credit cards, thanks for asking. He was gracious enough to say thanks. :)

And then, ohmygawd, a random colleague whom I rarely see, called me up to make small talk. 

During my lunch hour.

Was not pleased, but I was polite.

He calls me once in a blue moon to make small chat, and seriously, I'm not sure what I did to him before to receive his attention. Charm his pants socks off or what?

I really have no clue.

(Which reminds me of an office boy from one of my ex-firms who once invited me to go pants shopping with him?? I'm not being obnoxious but WHY me??)

Anyway, I'm so glad I don't have to go into the office tomorrow. I need to continue with some more baking before I can finally let the oven rest until ... the next baking spree.

Last weekend's chill out session.

Oh, I finally used the Bodum French Press the BFF got for me for my birthday last year. Hah! :D

I've been making my own cuppa (Lavazza Crema e Gusto!) and bringing it to work but I don't understand why it cools down so quickly!

It's so annoying.

It is also darn annoying that I'm no longer as energetic as a 10-year-old girl. I say 10-year-old because when I was that age, I was running around playing catch in the school field and chasing boys like crazy (and just desperately wanted to be part of the popular crowd).

I digress.

Actually, no. I'm not digressing from the topic right here because I'm just rambling.

Don't mind me.

Oh, I wished I was off work for a month! It would be so cool to go back to the lazy days of waking up late, or lying in til noon, reading novels in bed, watching tv ...

I haven't watched tv in ages so don't ask me what's going on with the latest sitcom or drama series because I'm completely clueless.

All I know right now is that 'running slow' is good for you.
Stick to the training plan because there's surely a reason behind it.
Train like an ultra, slow and steady.
If you've never ever EVER run close to a 4:30 full marathon, do not EVER think you will run that time right now.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the thing that depressed me the instant TWO fellas slammed it into my face.

OK, ok, I'm exaggerating. I was not depressed but I know the odds stacked against me and thank you for the reality check.

With a personal best of 4:56, how on EARTH will I shave 30mins off? 
Beats me.

Stick to the training plan?
Lose some weight?
Work on my core strength?
Sleep enough?

And there's no harm trying.

(To be fair, I'm just targeting 4:45 because it sounds more achievable. But I like setting high goals or I know I won't work hard towards it. So let's say I train for a 4:30 but I end up doing 4:40, I think I would still be OK for it.

Or maybe not.



I'm off to bed.
It can be quite exhausting just listening to my own chatter in my head. :)


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