Monday, February 25, 2013

Surya Yoga, Aman Suria

Tucked away above Cellnique in Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya is a cosy little yoga studio called Surya Yoga.

Go right up!

As I stepped into the studio of white and orange-coloured walls, I was greeted by a bubbly Elisha whom I'm warmed up to immediately.

She introduced me to Josephine @ Jo, the founder of the studio who was a little busy that Monday afternoon (I only had a chance to chat with her after my classes). She is also one of the instructors at the studio, teaching beginners' yoga, yoga fit and pre-natal, to name a few.

In between classes, the place was bustling with its usual camaraderie amongst the instructors and regular customers.

Reasonably priced fresh fruit juices. :)
Oh wait, you can't see the price list in this pic ... I guess you'll have to pop by to check it out!

A juice and salad bar is situated at one side of the studio. There is a  display of fresh fruit and vegetables with a menu board above it, allowing customers to order some food or drinks - all healthy and tasty, I bet. It is open on Mondays-Thursdays 10am-9pm, Fridays & Saturdays 10am-230pm, closed on Sundays and public holidays.

There are 2 studios for classes and both which were as warm and inviting as it looked.

Regine's beginners' yoga class @ 545pm on Monday.
It's been years since I last attended a yoga class. I was really apprehensive about embarrassing myself by breaking my back from the downward dog pose or toppling over from the tree pose or spraining my toe from the archer's pose ... who's to knows?

Thankfully, beginners' yoga wasn't too bad. I attended both Regine and Jo's classes that Monday evening before my badminton session and boy, was it a great workout for my biceps and shoulders which I forgot existed in the first place!

I survived the classes with no injury whatsoever, but I was rather embarrassed when halfway through a class, I realised that the additional sponges I had stuffed into my sports bra were popping out!

No wonder everyone refused to make eye contact with me during class, clearly embarrassed for my sake. *blushes profusely*

Last Thursday they had a 'lou sang' get together with light food and snacks.

Happiness is when ... everyone gets together for food and exercise!

I dropped by after work to try their homemade yee sang!

It was lovely, by the way. I don't have a picture of the dish, but do head over to Surya Yoga's blog for a glimpse of it.

Light food such as spaghetti, savoury buns and chocolate chunk brownies were served. Loved the spaghetti and brownies.

Top picture: With Elisha, Jo and Yin Hun
Bottom picture: Wow, my hair needs new styling!

I am currently enjoying a 2-week trial with Surya Yoga and it has only been a week so far and I can't believe I haven't had the chance to try out ALL their classes!

Last week was pleasant. I had fun!
It was good to do something different instead of just running and playing badminton. :)

Not only do they provide yoga classes, but they also have various workshops and retreats to cater for different objectives. Yoga for Weight Loss? For Injury Prevention? Partner Yoga? Kids Yoga? Yoga or Detox Retreats?

Sounds curiously interesting.

I'll tell you more about their classes another time. Right now, I'm rushing over to attend a class. See ya!

For more details about Surya Yoga, visit the following sites-
Location:  C-1-9, Jalan PJU 1/45, Aman Suria, Damansara, 47410 Petaling Jaya
(same row as 6 2 10 Grill & Nasi Lemak!)
Telephone: 03-704 6044 (studio) / 016-202 7417 (Jo)

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