Sunday, February 3, 2013


Finally, oh my goodness, FINALLY, I could run along the trails and tracks of FRIM again!

Well, OK, given that my last trail run was on 19th January and my last run in FRIM was on 13th January, I shouldn't be so eager to run in FRIM again, should I?


If you're training for an ultra run, and if you can't squeeze in a super long run (super LSD) then you must instead do back-to-back runs during the weekends. Gotta test your muscles and body to take the beating!

(OK, did I just mention an ultra run? I'll tell you when the time is nearer. You can wish me luck then! :D)

Anyway, the plan for today was a 3 hour trail run, and I wasn't sure how many km I would be able to squeeze in during that time. (Ooh, I just checked! I usually manage only about 17km in 3 hours.)

Toes have a life of their own??

Given that I started late today (slightly past 8am), I stared hard at the sky, wondering whether it was going to remain cloudy or would the sun make an appearance.

I took a gamble and left the shades in the car.

I also decided that fek it, since it's late (excuses, excuses!) I will stop after 2 hours.

I started off from the tea house area, where Rover Trail meets Mountain Bike Track, onto the Mountain Bike Track. 2km flat was a good warm up before tackling Steroid Hill a.k.a. Tongkat Ali Trail.

This sign board used to say "Joggers are not allowed beyond this point" has disappeared for quite a while.

I'm not sure who brought forward the Mountain Bike Track sign to this spot, and I was curious to see whether a new one had been put up at its usual spot.

I'm sure they meant "Photo Stop"!

I only saw this when I was returning from Steroid Hill. It's pretty apt, if you think about it, as everyone was is always taking pictures at this spot. 

I think they have also cleared the trees below near the lake, as you now have a clearer view of the said lake, at the Botanical Garden.

My route was: Mountain Bike Track - Tongkat Ali Trail / Steroid Hill (gravel) - climbed up to the top - ran down the Pinus Peak Trail - turned right to Tongkat Ali Trail - back to Mountain Bike Track and out to the junction (where tea house is located) - turned left up Syabas Track - down Pacat Trail - turned right - returned back to Mountain Bike Track (just in front of its previous signage spot).

My run on Pacat Trail was very slow, as 2 young boys were very cautious on their MTBs. In fact, I was trailing one of the boys from behind and he must have felt really pressured as he fell twice.


His friend laughed and asked whether he was nervous having a 'beautiful lady' breathing down his neck.

(I wanted to laugh OUT LOUD at this point, but I didn't want to be rude.)

Young boy was sweet indeed, I couldn't help but to return his goodbye wave as I hurried off.

This time, I took a right turn, curious to see whether I'd end up where I first saw KC Leong and gang appearing from the bushes, when I was late meeting them. (Oh yeah, I accidentally deleted my blog post about this run!)

It lead me back to Mountain Bike Track (as expected) and at this point, I was relieved to see a guy selling cold cans of 100plus, etc. My prayers were answered!

I was desperate for something sweet, and my < 500ml bottle of Ribena was slowly being sipped away at this juncture.

But you know what?
Instead of stopping to buy a can of drink, I decided to head up the gravel path again.

And the minute I reached the top, at the end of the gravel path, I knocked myself on the head and went back down again to buy a can.

Or two.

Mountain Dew and 100plus.
100plus was kept in my bag, whilst half a can of MD was guzzled right on the spot, the other half poured into my bottle.

I still had a litre of water in my water bladder but nah, my throat desired sugar.

Then I went back up the gravel path again but this time as far as the junction to Pinus Peak / Pinus Trail and returned from where I came from.

I didn't want to take the usual Tongkat Ali Trail down because at this point, there was a flock / herd of mountain bikers heading that direction.

I didn't want to be in their way, nor did I want them in my way. It can be quite annoying for both parties and some of them don't even have bells on their handlebars. 

I think it should be made compulsory.
For courtesy and safety sake.

I went up Pacat Trail on reverse to come back out through the bushes again, before I finally headed back out to the tea house.

It was 15.5km at this point and sure I was a bit disappointed with the mileage but what the heck, 2 hours plus on the trails were good enough.

But after coming out onto the roads, I decided to make a right turn towards (which you may not know what I'm talking about) the direction of the lake.

I wanted to find this Aromatic Trail which I heard David Spence mention before.

And I was so glad I found it!

My happiness was shortlived.

Ack. I found one part of it closed! 
So I went on, anyway, seeing where the other section of the trail would lead me.

I was a bit hesitant at first, as friends and the hubby would be freaking pissed off with me for going off running on my own in the middle of nowhere, not bothered about my safety, etc blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah!
(In case they're reading this, I know you're concerned, thank you very much but there were other people on the trails so it wasn't a lonely one.)

(But then again, I must admit enjoying being the only person on the trails as most of the trails today were PACKED with MTBs. It was SO annoying! I'm sure they must feel the same way about runners/joggers/walkers too. :D)

I came out of the trail to find myself in front of the FRIM-MTC building and had a choice of running on the road. I made a u-turn and ran back onto the trail, back out the usual area and to my car.

Oh, but at this point I was pretty excited that I had exceeded 17km. I was so energised! 

By the time I reached my car, I was about 500m short, so I ran around the car park a few times just so I could stop my watch at 20km.

3 hours.
And then I wanted to lie down flat on the ground as exhaustion finally hit me.

And the sun, too.
It hit me, I mean.

But first, I snapped open my lukewarm can of 100plus, and stretched.

Not sure why (he was observing me), but I spotted a young boy observing me just as I let out a loud belch.

Crap, I hate it when people catch me at my most unladylike manner!

Showered and headed home as my phone battery was almost flat.
I was listening to during my run and it must have drained it.

And I realised that during my 3 hour run (and my 2.5 hour LSD on Friday), the same songs will be played on air at least TWICE. I detest Taylor's Swift's "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and to hear it twice was torture.)

First stop was the convenience store for some chocolate milk and this was on a 'Buy 1 Free 1' offer at RM1.50.

Route on map:

The curve at the top is Aromatic Trail.


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p.s. The Brooks' Pure Grit is not so bad on dry trail/track.
p.p.s. Hydration for the run was 2L of water, < 500ml Ribena and 1 can of Mountain Dew. My hydration bladder was completely drained at the completion of my run!

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