Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marathon Training Is Tough Shit

I started my MWM training schedule pretty late, from Week 11 onwards. 

Nah, I wasn't afraid of lack of training (as they say you need at least 16 weeks to prepare well for a marathon) as I was already running regularly at least 5 times a week.

But sticking to a training plan, really sticking to it, is a first time for me. To have a systematic plan, something to follow and abide by was no easy feat (as I hate routine), but I must admit that I enjoy knowing what I needed to do for the day.

Tuesdays are usually interval trainings, but there were a few occasions which I moved it forward to Mondays when I had no badminton sessions. Wednesdays are usually slow runs between 8km - 11km. Thursdays interchange between brisk/steady 5km to steady 10km runs. The weekends are generally saved for the long runs.

I thought that it would be tough to stick to the plan during the Chinese New Year week but surprisingly, it was not. With tons of feasting done at both my in-laws' and my parents' side, the hubby and I were determined to clock in our mileage to avoid over-expansion of our bellies.

In fact, I did a 10km time trial on Chinese New Year eve and I was surprised to clock 53:28.

sis-in-law was in the vicinity. hubby was 50m ahead of me!

I think it must have helped having the hubby pacing me and pulling me back when I wanted to go faster, telling me to "Wait, gawddammit!"

Oh, and the terrain was flat. 

Nevertheless, it was a great motivation for me to stick to the plan and ... what else, to keep on running. :)

I bring my schedule with me to work everyday and every now and then, I'd sneak a peak and worry about a lot of things:

Is this enough?
Is this pace too slow?
What if I can't complete my run within the designated target time?
What if ...

There are a lot of 'what if's.
I know my problem lies with my strength (or is it stamina? both!) and the fear of slowing down during the 2nd half of the marathon worries me the most.

I also fear that if I don't get enough rest I will fall sick a week prior to the event, and that would be utterly butterly shitty!

So I skipped my run this morning, but I'm hoping to squeeze one in tonight. 
No choice lah.

As to whether or not I'm doing enough by sticking to the training plan, my marathon conscience* says we've got to trust it. He also said that I should have clocked 52:02 for my 10km time trial. Grrr.

All I need right now is a nutritionist to give me a guide as well, and I think I am good.

Got to lose at least 2kg to run more economically and efficiently, if you ask me.
Ask the runners who lost weight over the years from running - they are say that being light helps A LOT.

Carrot sticks for lunch today then!

And chocolates.


  1. You are so fast, your photo is blurry. ;)

    1. IPhone problem la tu. Evening light some more. Heehee :)