Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sleepy Eyes

I was over at my friend's place for lunch over the weekend as her brother wanted to have a get together with his friends as well.

As we were from the same school (her elder brother, included), it was natural to know some of his friends as well - my cousin was also in his class back in 1991.

Anyway, one of his friends arrived late and I couldn't recognise him, nor could he recognise me.

Some time later, he finally recalled who I was (his close buddy in primary school was one of my BFF's / neighbour / big brothers then).

"Ohhhh, NOW I remember!" He exclaimed.
"You've always had sleepy eyes back in school!"

What the ...

I shrugged.

"Yeah, I look like that ALL the time!" I muttered, not knowing what else to say.

I look cock-eyed!
Euws, I don't like my hair anymore.

I really do sleepy when I don't smile.

I'll never make it as model!
Oh, woe is me...

Just kidding.

Did I tell you about the time my doctor offering me a botox-like injection to uplift my eye bags? It sounded so tempting, especially when each jab cost only RM100 - RM150, I can't remember.

But when I asked the nurse what were the repercussions or effects, she informed me that if they hit a vein (ugh), there would be a bruise due to burst capillaries or something to that effect.


And just last week a client told me that if I started on the chelation therapy and / or ozone therapy, he guaranteed that I would look 10 years younger.

Enough about me looking like hag!

I need 8 hours of sleep a day and even if I do sleep that much, I will STILL look like I'm exhausted - no thanks to my eye bags. Sniff.

Hang on.
RM250 per session and many have seen improvement in their health?

Interesting ...

With that amount of money, I'll need it to do something with my hair.

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