Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chasing Kangaroos and Rabbits

I was hoping to clock in a run the day after I arrived in Melbourne but I was too exhausted to wake up. So we waited until the day after (Christmas Eve) but the winds were howling and the skies were dark, so we just laid in.

Thank goodness the weather was beautiful that Christmas morning and I dragged myself out off we went, on the hubby's usual running route.

 Now why was there a crazy slope in the middle of the route, I had no idea!

It wasn't too bad, I suppose. :)

I thought it was going to be tarmac most of the way but nay, he said we had to check out some trails. He promised me cute llamas and kangaroos and rabbits!

 Mullum Mullum Creek Trail

We climbed some slopes and all I could worry about was my poor shoes!

Perhaps I should have worn my trail shoes instead...

The llamas were too far in the yonder but I could spot their curious little faces staring at us, puzzled with these 2 folks up and about so early on Christmas morning. :)

hubby's Christmas greeting card picture!

We ran downhill and uphill to find two chairs for walkers to sit back and enjoy the view. What's missing was booze. I don't want to sit there without a beer in my one hand and chocolate in the other!

We then continued on and out onto Reynolds Road and crossed over to ...

Currawong Bush Park


It was so quiet everywhere, and we didn't even bump into anyone except later on, on our way out.

There were plenty of kangaroos hopping about.

We snuck up as quietly as possible, hoping not to startle them too much. They'd stare at us for a minute, and we'd stare back, with me thinking how handsome they were, standing on their hind legs.

As we continued on along the trail, we spotted some cute rabbits scampering about and try as I may to get close to them, they'd disappear into the shrubs as fast as a leopard!

Argh, ridiculously hugable cute!

Thereafter, we continued running and didn't bump into anymore animals along the way.

For a moment I thought they were kangaroo fur balls caught in the grass!

Or fluffy looking spiders ... but I think they're a type of dandelion.

The weather was beautiful for a morning run and with such serenity, I would have enjoyed a long run (with a hydration bag and nothing else planned for the day) but we had a lunch appointment so we had to rush back.

The slopes are rather intimidating but you know what?
They are quite doable, actually. No sweat!

And the GOrun 2 performed superbly well, on both tarmac and trail. I checked my soles to be sure and indeed, there were no scuffs nor did I suffer from chafing. Fantastic!

Tentatively a mixed trail of: 8km on road and 7km on trail. 2 hours and 16 minutes, inclusive of stopping time to admire the view, kangaroos and rabbits, and road crossing!

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