Monday, January 21, 2013

Butt Clenching Climbs in Bukit Gasing

Holy moly guacamole!

I joined Tomatoman's trail run on Saturday morning, 19th January, thinking that we would finish it within 2 hours, just like the Bukit Kiara trail run.

In the end, we took almost 3 hours to complete our run, as we waited for some people and also unintentionally detoured elsewhere.

Beforehand, he had already warned us that we were climbing 5 hills and nope, he was not kidding.

First set of steps / hill after the hanging bridge.

2nd set of steps.

The tracks were busy with regular hikers and walkers that morning and it was no surprise. It was probably frustrating for them to have to make way for us as we were literally running, and charging into their way.

Photo credit: KC Leong.

They were cordoning the house after we ran past it.

We came out into a clearing, which I believe is part of the new park (taman). There was an ongoing function which made us look like we were gatecrashers!

Moving on, we headed up to the 3rd hill, which was known as Cempaka Hill. Probably the mother of all slopes in Bukit Gasing? I'm not sure as it was my first time trail running in Bukit Gasing.

What felt like eternity was only a 300m climb, with an elevation of ... 140m? We kept climbing without stopping (well, I was following Ray, Jason, Michelle and Sue's lead) and I could feel my glutes screaming in agony.

My glutes were already sore since Monday's badminton session, tempo on Wednesday and an easy run with 2 hills on Thursday. So to have them go through a crazy workout on Saturday was just plain abuse.

But anything for a firm butt, one shouldn't complain ...

We came out into another clearing, which also had an ongoing function. It could be the same one.

As we ran through the crowd to get to our trail, their media photographer kept snapping our pictures!

Not sure if that's a good thing, but we felt like trespassers.

Too bad we couldn't find the buffet table and nick some food.

So that's what the function is all about.

We took some time out to study the boards.

Bukit Kerinchi is right beside Bukit Gasing, did you know?

We don't see errant developers being severely punished, do we?

Photo credit: KC Leong

Moving on, we eased out of area and back out to where we came from, the first part of the function we had come across.

We headed towards the Watch Tower, where most walkers and hikers would come across from the 'main entrance' of Bukit Gasing.

Going uphill is not cruise.

From the Watch Tower, we headed towards the Indian Temple, which was our final hill for the run. (OMG, thank goodness!)

The usher who greeted us on top of the climb.

Trail running? I think hill climbing was mentioned, too!

Models for the morning - catwalking! :)

The view from above.

 Then we headed down towards an abandoned sewage treatment plant.

Sewage plant on the left.

Me and ze barbed wires.
Photo credit: KC Leong

I was so excited to know that we were almost done with our climb/run and I couldn't wait to get back home. I had a lunch appointment and I was eager to get home to freshen up before rushing to One Utama.

And then Raymond told us about some bungalow development, and would we like to climb up the slope to check it out?

Everyone said, "Oh well, might as well! We are here already, after all."


So up we went.

And then back down we went.

It was a tough slope, I tell you. With loose soil threatening to release your shoe grips, I was a wee bit terrified I'd tumble down and break my leg or twist my ankle, or anything severe.

Photo credit: Raymond Ng

 Gotta be cautious...

We headed back down and it was so much fun running downhill. :)

Photo credit: Raymond Ng.

Bumped into a couple with 2 beagles and everyone cooed over the adorable doggies.

The owners were eager to get going and excused themselves after graciously allowing us to pat their dogs for 5 minutes.

YAY! We're done!
Photo credit: KC Leong

After a 3 hour run/climb/hike, I spent 9 hours in One Utama for some Chinese New Year shopping. Gosh, I was exhausted!

My butt was honestly sore.

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