Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yeast @ Bangsar, KL

My sister treated me to a meal the night before my flight to Melbourne. Flattered, I was, however, concerned with the choice of cuisine. I don't think I ever had French food before, unless you count devouring croissants as a French experience.

Oh, and escargots, too. :)

She told me she had breakfast at Yeast before (I went, "Heh? What? Why 'Yeast'? How is that French?") and absolutely loved it to bits, so she wanted to try out their dinner menu too.

I made her drive (*heehee* my car was low on fuel that night) us to Bangsar that night and we parked at Bangsar Village II.

The place was warm and cosy, and we were quickly ushered to a booth in a corner. The table next to us was a happy party of 6 and we tried not to peek into their dishes to see what they were ordering.

That piece of paper enveloping the napkin was actually the menu, to be unfolded as if a treasure map. Hmmmm.

An open kitchen counter where you can see your chefs preparing and cooking your meals.
Yes, this pic is blurry.

The menu had a lot of duck dishes and my poor sister had to forgo those (because my body system cannot tolerate 'heaty' food much) so we mulled over the menu for a long time, I suppose.

Complimentary bread roll was provided and I do love the one on the right. Not sure what it was, but lovely.

Unfortunately the crusts were very hard so to pull them apart into pieces made a mess of fine crumbs onto the table and plate - I felt so not 'atas' (upper class)! *shy*

We ordered foie gras (top) and some fishy something au gratin like dish (bottom) which was yummy but a tad bit salty after a while. The crispy top was a delight.

When it came to the foie gras, which my sister insisted we order (because she has been craving for it since she first tasted it in London last year), I was trying not to be a tree hugger and scream bloody murder.

I tentatively asked my sister whether she knew the origins of foie gras and how the geese were treated in order to produce big fat liver.

She shuddered and said not to tell her so I kept my mouth shut.

But every bite I took, I was trying not to gag and imagine poor crying geese with their legs forced open.

The liver is the slab on the left. It was a bit too strong for me. 

It was my first try, to be honest and perhaps I really am not classy enough to enjoy the taste of it. :D

We also ordered a bottle of San Pellegrino (sparkling mineral water) just because everyone on the other table had one and we didn't want to look like cheapskates. RM15 a bottle is freaking steep, if you ask me. But hey, that's the cheapskate in me talking!

The mushroom truffle pasta (I don't remember the exact name on the menu) was lovely. Loved the mushrooms and interestingly, the pasta on its own is bland, so you'd have to ensure your forkful of pasta should have at least one or two slivers of mushroom before you pop it into your mouth.

Just saying.

Did that turn out to be unclassy? :P

The bill came up to about RM139 including tax, and the meal was quite a filling one for the both of us.

Looking at other reviews, their breakfast/lunch menu seems to be more interesting. My sister said it was yummy!

Now where do I find yummy croissants in Melbourne?

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