Thursday, August 29, 2013

Galleon Cafe, St Kilda, Melbourne

Address: 9, Carlisle Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182.
Opening Hours: 7am to 5pm daily
Telephone: 03 9534 8934
Website: here | Facebook page: here

Eating out is a weekend affair and it usually involves browsing through the ratings and reviews on Urbanspoon for something (or some place) worth checking out prior to the outing.

Good coffee and good burgers were for a must for us that day (11th August 2013) and we drove to St Kilda that bright and blustery that Sunday afternoon, excited. It was my first time in St Kilda, a tourist place with a small amusement park by the beach and cafes and eateries on both sides of the street. Wow!

Parking is a bomb, at AUD$4.70 per hour (or AUD$10.50 for the whole day) but there are some places where parking is free up to noon. Lesson learnt: go there for breakfast or brunch, not lunch and tea! (But if you're really lucky, you may just be able to find free parking somewhere!)

That brown paper stuck on the glass door is the waiting list.

Lunchtime is a popular hour and we had to wait for 30 minutes until we were seated. Then it took us a while to study the menu to decide which burgers we were going to have.

The cafe was crowded. :)

A vodka shot to perk you up?

Each table was given a bottle of water (with no charge) which is a common thing over here. We ordered a large latte to share (AUD$4.40) as we already had coffee at home that morning. It was good.

I ordered the Vegie Burger (AUD$11.50) which consisted of a chickpea patty, roasted capsicums, Bulgarian feta, spinach and olive tapenade.

YB ordered the Galleon burger (AUD$13.50) which had a homemade beef patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and chutney. We ordered a large bowl of chunky fries (AUD$6.80) to go with our meal, but it was nothing to shout about.

Our food came approximately 30minutes after we were seated due to the peak hour. You can't blame us for digging into our burgers the minute they arrived - it was already 2pm! :)

The chickpea burger reminded me so much of falafel (yummy!) and it was really lovely, except for the fact that the patty fell apart at a cut of your knife/fork. The Bulgarian feta was new (but research says that there's no such thing as Bulgarian feta) and well, the burger bun was really nice and soft.

We enjoyed the moist beef patty with the slices of beetroot. Mmm I'm getting hungry just recalling the taste of the burger ... very filling!

Would we return to the Galleon Cafe?
Yes, but maybe another time. As its lunch menu is limited to only 3 types of burgers, some sandwiches and salads, we may just return to try out their breakfast menu. :)

Stuffed and kinda satisfied, we headed back to the CBD to cheer our friends who were running The Tan Ultra that day.

(More photos of taken at The Tan Ultra can be found on my Facebook page.)

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