Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Run: Part of Roller Coaster Route

"What are you doing this weekend ... besides running?" is a proper question to be directed to any runner who desires his/her mileage fix.

"What are you doing this weekend?" simply doesn't sound right, because you know our answer would be, "Running!"

With us, it is sadly (not really) the same weekend routine of shopping, running and eating out. Take running out of the equation and you'll have a very restless couple; the woman whining about missing the trails (and feeling fat) and the man who feels like the weekend went by unproductively (and feeling fat).

See Olinda Creek Road? That's near the Silvan Reservoir Park.

After recceing the Silvan route for the Salomon Trail Run Series for two weekends in a row, we decided to venture to the other side of Dandenong Ranges on 17th August 2013. YB had taken part in the Roller Coaster Run on March 16th, completing 43KM in 6 hours. (Read his blog entry here.)

Staring at the route's elevation profile was pretty, as it really did shape like a roller coaster ride, but asking me to participate in that race would have been a different issue altogether. I doubt I would have made the cut-off time!

My mini Roller Coaster Run/Climb!

Our run that weekend was a short 13KM and even within that short distance, I felt that the climbs were tough. And that wasn't even the complete route!

If only there were kangaroos hopping about!

It was a nice weather to be out, although the skies did threaten to rain any minute.

Couple pic just less than 500m into our trail!

I was going pretty slowly at the beginning as the trail was a bit slanted along the side of the hill. I am quite a klutz, you see, so it wouldn't bode well if I rolled down into the ravine!

This gravel track reminded me so much of FRIM's Steroid Hill. Don't be fooled by the crest behind him as I was. I chugged up as I thought it was the end of a steep climb but noooo, there was another one (and another one) up ahead!

The view of ... erm, Melbourne? :P

We ran through a pretty garden in Dandenong Ranges National Park. It was nice and quiet (ahem, quite romantic, I must say) and it also had a public loo which I needed to use. It was clean!

Flowers make me think of my in-laws (parents and sisters, included) as they are quite into plants.

So many type of roses but I don't know their names. Their scent weren't that strong.

Muddiness dot com!

He didn't even do the limbo properly!

We bumped into a few walkers and hikers but otherwise, it was a quiet afternoon.

As we intended it to be a short run due to time constraints (we left the house a wee bit too late and the skies could have poured any moment now), we added a hill climb to work those buttocks and legs.

Almost 300m in elevation and it was surprising to find some bikers whizzing down the trail without a care. One was rude enough not to slow down nor acknowledge our presence. Another actually stopped for a while to have a chat with us, that we made us wonder why.

He, too, noticed that the skies were going to be pour any time now.

Best couple pic, ever?

Hungry, so it was time for a break.

Unfortunately, I don't think we brought enough food, so it was a relief to know that it was just a short run/hike. (Nutrition is also an important element to incorporate into your long runs.)

It was only 2.45pm.

Ran down with the switchback method made it a bit easier on the knees and quads.

Fancy having your house on the hill overseeing Melbourne?

We made it in time because it started to drizzle just as we finished changing into our dry clothes that afternoon. It was only 4pm but I was already thinking what to have for dinner!

I thought this route was steep but last Saturday's one was steeper!

p.s. The view isn't that fantastic, so there's nothing to be envious about, my dear friends! :D


  1. The first couple photo tu... so sweeettttt...

    The second one... LOL

  2. Can I be envious about the weather then? :D That second couple pix, the one of your hubby, the trees behind him looks like he's back in FRIM up at Pinus peak.

    1. nobody can compete your gaya profile pic, y'know! hehehe