Thursday, September 5, 2013

Who The Hell Plans Their Weekly Menu?

A few months ago, I noticed a friend's Facebook status saying that she had completed her grocery shopping list for the week and was ready to head to the supermarket (or market, I'm not sure).

I nodded to myself, thinking that it was indeed a clever idea to shop for the entire week. I should be like that, too!

(But then I would be left with bumming at home and with no reason to take my daily walk to the shops...)

Example of my shopping list.

How detailed must one's shopping list be?
'Vege' is left as general as possible, depending on what was on offer ("Oh hey, cauliflowers are cheap, today! Oh, choy sum is 4 for AUD$2.50!") so that's the "3x" I have to tell myself to buy 3 types of vegetables for the week.

It also depends what I planned on making. As I was thinking of veggie burger patties (really!), I was therefpre specific with the celery and mushrooms. But I forgot to buy the celery and changed my mind about the breadcrumbs. :))

But I don't necessarily get everything on my shopping list, though. I like to spread it out so I can go and buy them the next or following day. Even walking out to buy a new loaf of bread is my exercise. (Hey, bored housewife here needs a reason to get out of the house, remember? There are no soap operas worth watching in the afternoon. :D)

I suppose what my friend meant was that she had planned her week's menu and then  her shopping list, before going to the supermarket.

So I tried, too.
The last time I planned the week's menu was just a general idea:

Monday - fish, soup, vege, rice
Tuesday - fish, vege, couscous
Wednesday - chicken, vege, rice/couscous
Thursday - fish, vege, couscous
Friday - pork, soup, vege

Which I think is good enough. 
Come on, do you want me to be so specific like naming the type of dishes; sweet and sour fish, curry grilled fish, steamed chicken, etc. I can't!

The worst thing is having ideas or cravings to derail the entire week's menu.

Honestly, I have been thinking of nasi lemak for the past few days and it is SUCH a torture. I've never cooked it before and I would love to take the opportunity to do so BUT MY BELLY AND ROUND FACE are telling me that NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!

And then I suddenly feel like cooking tau yew bak.

I feel like eating bibimbap, too.

So, which one of the above cravings will go onto this week's menu? The healthiest dish, of course! It shall be Friday's carbo-loading session for Saturday's 28KM long run. *pretends to be excited*

I fear that I will remain a fat blob if I don't up my vege ante to 3 times the regular portion. Muffin top! *sobs*

p.s. I dropped AUD$20 the other day after paying for an item and I only realised it when I got home. I didn't stuff them into my pocket properly so now I'm left with a smaller budget for the week. :((

p.p.s. We had squid last night but I must have overcooked it. It was still lovely, though as it was a pleasant change to our usual fare. How long am I supposed to stir fry them for, 5 minutes?

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