Sunday, September 8, 2013

Yarra River Run. Brother Burger And The Marvelous Brew

With a few more weeks to the Melbourne Marathon, it was time for a long road run. We've been spending our weekends running the trails that I fear we would forget how to run on tarmac. :P

So on Saturday, 24th August 2013, we drove into the city and parked by the tan track. The area was busy with runners and walkers, it was so different from running in the suburbs where you'd only bump into a handful of runners.

I chose the Yarra River because I thought I'd have a chance of bumping into Gordon Ramsay training for his triathlon or something, but haha, fat chance!

We ran towards the city first before following the river out towards Kew.

There were plenty of college students kayaking in the river, with their coaches cycling along the river bank, yelling out instructions to them. It was a busy Saturday morning at the Yarra River!

There is a trail you could follow as a guide, just in case you're not very sure whether you're heading the right direction.

We both had a bottle of electrolytes each, which we refilled with water along the way. There were a few water fountains along the way for joggers and cyclists to hydrate so you don't have to worry about not carrying a bottle with you.

Some parts of the run was quite boring, despite passing by runners and cyclists. It was interesting however, to note the colourful or dull attire and shoes. I noted that most were Nike wearers. :P

After 3 hours on the run, we were starving and it was time to eat. We opted to check out this place with a really long name, Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew. Reviews were raving about their burgers and beer so we thought we'd check it out.

It felt like being a cafeteria where you can see the cooks preparing your food. It was noon when we arrived and there were 2 -3 tables of patrons already.

He ordered the Hot Stuff burger (AUD$13.50) whilst I ordered the Choripan (AUD$13.50). A bowl of onion rings to share. 

Hot Stuff: 100% wagyu beef patty, double bacon, cheese, house-made pickles, mustard mayo and chilli jam.

Choripan: grilled chilli pork sausage, cheese, grilled fennel, parsley salsa and mustard mayo.

Generally, the taste of the burgers were nice, just a bit smaller than the ones we had at Galleon Cafe. Prices are a wee bit steep. Based on the reviews from regular customers, they didn't mind paying the price as they found the burgers delicious. 

Brother Burger and the Marvelous Brew
Address: 413 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Website: here
Facebook: here


  1. Gee and all we have here after our runs are measly roti canai ... LOL!

    I'm getting all jittery again with StandChart just around the corner, hoping for haze so they can postpone it for another three months ... hahaha!

    1. If they do postpone SCKLM, maybe I get a movie deal pulak after this for their promo *evil laugh*

    2. Lina: you forgot to do the *flickshair* thing!
      Nick: eh, roti canai is wayyyyy cheaper than burger, k! not to say i'd want to pay the Aussie price here LOL

    3. Oh, I failed to mention how dingy the roti canai shops are too ... hahaha!

      Yeah Lina, where's the superstar 'flickshair' thingy? Hahaha!

  2. Replies
    1. go make your own kua? hehehe

    2. I rather have some one serves it to me *flicks hair*