Monday, November 25, 2013

Melbourne's First Night Noodle Markets

If you've been in Melbourne for so long and missing the hustle and bustle (and a variety of street food found in one area) of night markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and most Asian countries, make that trip down to Alexandra Gardens at 1 Boathouse Drive today, tomorrow or any day until November 30.

Calamari (AUD$10.00) from the Thanh Phong stall.
More information on them is available at Website | Urbanspoon

In conjunction of The Age's Good Food Month, the Night Noodle Markets gather around your favourite Melbourne eateries to rustle up your favourite Asian dish on the spot.

We were there on Saturday, 24th November 2013 after 7pm and the place was packed! 

Despite the gloomy skies and occasional showers, the weather did not deter everyone from having a good time with friends and family, and some hot food.

He doesn't need an umbrella, banana leaves are good enough for shelter!

There was a massive queue at some of the stalls so we walked around to observe the crowd and which stalls offered what.

Smoke and sizzle wafted through the air at a corner of the area from the Hoy Pinoy stall. Customers squeezed out of the crowded stall holding up their longganisa (skewered pork sausages) and I could not help but to drool. The sausages looked really yummy!

Nepalese eatery, Himalayan Sherpa offers Chicken Bryani and dumplings.
More information on them is available at Website.

Paper plates of chicken bryani rice (AUD$12.00) from the Himalayan Sherpa stall looked delicious too but it seemed like the dumplings were the most popular as it was quickly sold out that day.

Burwood Teppanyaki House offers Japanese soft drinks, okonomiyaki and yakitori.
More information is available at Website | Urbanspoon.

I wanted to try the okonomiyaki but ... you know why I didn't! ;)

Prawn rice paper rolls (AUD$8.00) from I Love Pho.

Beef pho (AUD$10.00) from I Love Pho.

We settled down at a long table to share a bowl of beef pho and 4 prawn rice paper rolls we bought from I Love Pho. We were pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of the broth and YB enjoyed the beef slices. Unfortunately, the rice paper rolls were bland and the dipping sauce which came with it did not help. 

More information of I Love Pho is available at their website or Urbanspoon.

There was deejay on site, hidden in a cute little gazebo.

Making roti canai on the spot at the Mamak stall.
More information on them is available at Website | Urbanspoon.

Malaysian-owned Mamak stall had a massive queue. It offers just 3 dishes of satay chicken, roti canai and mee goreng (AUD$14.00). From the moment we arrived until the time we left, the queue was never short!

Fried mee kueh teow (AUD$10.00) from Sambal Kampung.
More information is available at Website | Urbanspoon.

Instead, we tried a plate of fried mee kueh teow from a Malaysian stall, Sambal Kampung.

Besides more than 25 stalls serving hot food for your rumbling tummies, there are 4 bars/stalls serving drinks at the Night Noodle Market. Standing under the glittering fairy lights holding cute and small plastic glasses of wine, beer bottles and/or soft drinks (or even fresh coconut from some of the food stalls) in your hand, it's an outdoor party not to be missed.

Oh hey, we found the main entrance on our way out!

Apparently we took a shortcut through the side when we first arrived instead of coming through the main entrance.

You will find a few food trucks (Let's Do Yum Cha is one of them) and a lantern garden just outside this arch, should you make your way in through this area.

Everyone enjoyed taking pictures under these colourful lanterns. I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss this once the skies are dark.

The Night Noodle Markets is open from 5pm on weekdays and 4pm on weekends. Bring enough cash to pay for your food, umbrellas or hats (you know how wet Melbourne can get!), wet wipes (to clean your hands after eating!), a picnic blanket (just in case you can't find an empty table) and some snacks (to munch on if you find yourself in a long queue).
Park along Alexandra Avenue if you don't mind walking to and fro. Otherwise, you'll never We parked at Anderson Road and took the long walk to and fro, thus making it our workout for the day. ;)

Go with a group of friends or family so everyone can choose a stall to queue up for food.

Once you're done with your food, please chuck the containers/plates/cups into the rubbish bins available around the area.

For more information on the list of stalls at the market, go to Good Food's site here or here.


  1. Wahahahaaaaaaa 10bucks for a fried koay teow!

    Banana leaf umbrella guy - very eco-friendly. Very in. :P

    1. it was fried koay teow mee and no 'wok burnt' taste!

      everyone was giggling at him, so farnee :)