Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weekend Run: Sugarloaf Peak, Cathedral Range in Marysville

Sunday, 27th October 2013.

After two grueling weekends (Melbourne Marathon on 13th October 2013 and Lake Mountain Skyrun on 20th October 2013), it was time to take it a bit easy. We decided to spend the afternoon doing a bit of hiking at the Cathedral Range.

It was a clear day of sun and blue skies but every now and then the winds would tickle our skin.

It was a shame we started out so late as the harsh sunlight made photography a bit tricky.
There's still a climb to the top!

We spent so much time admiring and enjoying the view, taking pictures and just basking in the sun.
Picture taken with my phone, hence the off colours.

After 30 minutes or so, we reluctantly made a move to continue to the summit.

We had taken the Wells Cave Track, which lead us to this crevice. Apparently you're supposed to squeeze through it and come out from the other end. (See blog links below for a better idea.)

My question is, if I were fatter (or bigger boned), I won't be able to squeeze through it, will I?

I found a plague up high on the left side of the rock.

It read:

Left - Lost On Mount Cook Low Peak January 1955
Block Letters - In Memory Of Our Friends
Bottom - Melbourne University Mountaineering Club Victorian Climbing Club
Border (left to right) - John Young John Vidulich John Hammon

Here's a newspaper article on the lost men. :(

It would be a long way down ... *shudder*

We decided not to squeeze our way through the crevice (YB's butt my butt is too big) so we took an alternative route on the outer rock. It turned out to be pretty scary and treacherous, but doable.

What's a bit of adventure, eh?

We were careful when climbing, making sure we had firm footholds and hand grips before making our way. I clung on to the tree for my dear life and made it across.

But it did not mean that I couldn't smile for the camera. :D

With all the climbing we did, I suspect we must have taken the rock climbing / bouldering route to Sugarloaf Peak.

It was kind of fun, I admit that but gawd help me, I had to clear my mind of negative thoughts before taking each cautious step.

Ambulance / rescue trips can be ridiculously costly (AUD$2,000??) so you really don't want to be of any trouble!

If you can help it. *touch wood*

Razorback Range. We plan to trek it one day soon.
I can't wait! Trail walking is so much fun compared to running it! :D

Finally, we reached the summit and enjoyed the view. We took a break and ate our sandwich, before a group of Chinese kids came up. We're not sure which way they took, or whether they managed to squeeze their way through the tiny gap.

The bees were having a field day. I observed them buzzing from flower to flower and wished I had my macro lens with me.

On or way down, we met a girl who had taken the same way as we did. She had her harness on, so she must have brought her rock climbing gear with her.

Met a lizard who came out for a bit of sun. Not sure if it's a slinky or a lizard, but it could be the latter.

Canyon Track was relatively easier than Wells Cave Track but we had to be careful, nevertheless. Don't want to sprain your ankle!

Follow the reflective arrows!

I can't believe we spent so much time at a small section of it all. Good grief.

More pictures can be found on these blogs:
Hiking Fiasco
cloth and fodder

Tea was spent at The Home Of The Buxton Burger located at The Igloo Roadhouse, 2220 Maroondah Highway, Buxton.

It's an eatery at a gas station, and seems to be a very popular stop. The Buxton Burger (AUD$13.80) was once voted the Best Burger in Victoria. (Website)

So we ordered one to share.

Someone something wanted to share the burger with us, too.

Polly nonchalantly sauntered over.

"Cheepcheep tweettweetcheep? Cheepburgercheep cheeptoshare cheepwithmetweet?"

"No, Polly," we admonished.

"It's not for you."

"Tweetyoutwit! Cheepburger nogoodcheepcheep tweetforyoutweet!"

"Cheeppretty Cheepcheepplease?"

"No, Polly, noooo."

Not sure why we were chatting to a bird (is it an odd thing to do?), but it was chirping at us non-stop that we couldn't help but to chirp chat back.

It was a five minute conversation, I swear, with both sides debating over the goodness of the burger, and whether we should share it with Polly. Poor bird sulked and flew away thereafter.

Except for its size, the burger was nothing to shout about. It oozed out ketchup and mustard, patties were juicy, at least it wasn't dry. :)

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  1. waaaa..... everything so nice.

    The back-to-back races. *crazy*

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    The eats. Big is always good, no? Never mind taste. hehehe

    Not nice = the lizard. Yechkkkkkk